8 Popular Foods We Don't Eat Anymore, Here's Why

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What foods do you buy daily? How about SunnyD? Or maybe congealed salad is the thing you can’t live without? Yup, these foods are so unpopular now! However, just 20–40 years ago they were flying off the grocery store shelves!

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TV Dinners 0:35
Congealed Salads 2:05
SunnyD 3:46
Hi-C 5:22
Bubble Tape 6:33
Ambrosia Salad 7:16
Crisco 8:29
Cottage Cheese 9:30

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– TV dinners first stepped onto the scene in the 1950s when Swanson was looking for a way to sell their Thanksgiving food leftovers. They came up with the idea of serving ready-made food frozen on a convenient tray.
– If you ever ate dinner at your grandma’s house as a kid, you probably tasted the stuff once or twice. Gelatin was first used in dishes back in medieval Europe and was partly made from the collagen in animal bones.
– Back in 1968, many kids could be seen sipping on a cold bottle of SunnyD as a part of a well-balanced breakfast — and it was anything but. SunnyD tasted super sweet because it was primarily made of corn syrup and contained less than 5% juice.
– One Hi-C Wild Cherry juice box contained a whopping 27 g of sugar, which is more than the American Heart Association recommends grown women ingest in a day — and these were intended for kids!
– Back in the late ’80s and ‘90s, Bubble Tape was a fan fave! But ever, since sugar-free gum became more popular and oral health, became more of a priority, this sugary sweet gum just wasn’t as desirable anymore.
– Ambrosia salad was usually found at family gatherings back when you or your parents were younger. This sweet salad actually came onto the scene back in the 1800s and usually featured special sweet treats that only appeared on special occasions.
– Once people realized how bad trans fats were for them during the ‘90s, Crisco stopped being used as often.
– It wasn’t until the 1950s that cottage cheese became incredibly popular. It’s very mild in flavor and isn’t super high in fat, which was appealing to people from the ‘50s into the ‘70s.

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Hey guys, would you try that ambrosia salad? Or do you know any other weird foods from the past?
Btw, check out this video on the foods you should NEVER eat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzuOaJ9f8qI&

Nathalie Batiste says:

I miss having cottage cheese and fruit salad at restaurants.

Nelly P says:

Growing up when there was a family gathering or potluck my parents would be the ones to bring the Ambrosia Salad 😐

Ann Cupp says:

Crisco doesn’t even have any carbs

Ann Cupp says:

Sunny D is sold in stores in my area

Sheila Rogers says:

Still popular at my house

Ann Cupp says:

I buy sunny D

carl brown says:

Hi C has made a comeback! Because of vitamin C.!!

Queen Onyx's World says:

everything mentioned in this video is still available in a lot of places and have never left!

Queen Onyx's World says:

SunnyD is still in stores in California!

Or Kanner says:

in israel cottage is still very popular (and i think it was invented here) but here there is just on type of it and its in a box

Nice Person says:

Tv dinners r a stock up after surgery n u r alone.

Carla Rizzie says:

AmbrosiaSalad, is fruit, marshellos, pecans and sour cream. Never had Gelatin or cream cheese

frog_in _progress says:

All of these were available at my local Walmart this weekend. All of them. Who made this list?! Where did they get their information?!

Maria Marpossa says:

I can buy all of this at any Walmart this video was clearly not well researched lol 😂

Angelia Clanton says:

I still eat cottage cheese. And sunny d and hi c is bought regularly in my house. Hi c has not been discontinued. I sell it on the daily at my store.

Oddball says:

My grandma used to make ambrosia. It was whipped cream, pistachio pudding, crushed pineapple, coconut, and unfortunately I cannot remember if there was jello in it. I loved it.

Deidre Cruickshank says:

You're totally wrong about cottage cheese!

debbie camp says:

We still buy Banquet Frozen TV dinners from Kroger. There are other brands of TV dinners, too.

alyosha pearce says:

Well this is from America we’re coffee is not coffee it’s Starbucks coffee. When I went to America everywhere they said Starbucks coffee on the plane in the hotel everywhere. Americans seem obsessed with brand names. You don’t just buy a product you buy a brand name of said product.

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