Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers | Kenji's Cooking Show

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This is one of my most popular recipes from the last decade. Read more here:

The trick is to bake canned black beans in the oven to dehydrate them before chopping them and incorporating them into a vegetarian patty flavored with onions, chiles, chipotle peppers, and cotija cheese. cashews add more texture. They’re delicious, even if you aren’t normally a veggie-burger person.


SVM says:

Great recipe..
Bur I don't care for thre aerial view.
Its uncomfortable to view for me
Im sorry

Harry Brooks says:

The swirling overhead perspective annoys me; good recipe though.

Ben Monette says:

Just tried the recipe with my hubby, who’s trying to find a burger that tastes as good as his meat. It was a winner. We were introduced to this type of burger; when we purchased the “MorningStar chipotle black bean burgers” from Costco. Within a month, they stopped carrying it in Canada. We were so disappointed. Seriously, we missed the texture and unique flavour which greatly enhances the burger flavour.

Carlo Hallak says:

to say it was dizzying experience it would be an understatement.

Gary Morton says:


Matt Montecino says:

Might as well make a burrito

monyamane malepe says:

Takes too long on one step

Kaki Sage says:

Costco sells black bean burger but I never buy because it is made by “Lee”, meaning, Chinese farmer in US.

M. Tsa says:

I cannot eat nuts. What can I put in place of the cashews?

Brenda Farris says:

Loved all the culinary tips you gave during your video. Very helpful. Like seasoning the cast iron pan, how to cut onion, why to pulse in food processor, etc….It is good to hear there ideas over and over again.
First time to your channel. Looks delicous. Love myself an awesome and flavorful bean burger!
Intreguing camera angle! Made me kinda dizzy, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Janis C says:

If u soak the peeled onions in water for a few mins b4 you chop them it takes away the acid that makes eyes water 💦

2075vj says:

You lost me at Mayo. I only eat vegan. I’ll try to find a substitute

2075vj says:

Thanks for sharing can’t wait to make it. What is the brand of chipotle peppers are you using? Thanks

Tina O'Day says:

Burger looks great! Onions are really bad for dogs, FYI.

Darenda Haun says:

Thanks for the video !! Looks great!! Can't wait to try the recipe !! 😊

Black Sunshine says:

Like how he keeps it real. House looks lived in and not some movie set with props like so many other kitchens in other cooking videos.

DVortex says:

I guess this is what an angel flying above you feels like 😂😂😂😂😂

Maria Gil de Sagredo says:

I can not have nuts😢

Cameron says:

I achieved a similar bean texture by pressure cooking dried black beans in my instant pot on high for 22 mins. They are cooked, but much more firm than a soggy bean. Give it a shot and see! I also like this method because you can put in a clove or 2 of garlic and really infuse that flavor into the beans

Johanna Barnard says:

Ooh YES !!! BEEN TRYING FOREVER to make these !
Oh Lord ! You actually know exactly how many beans ???? ! 😂. Your a trip !. First time viewer. Ughhh YOUR KILLING ME as your eating it 😂. Sounds delicious.
Thank you.

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