Top 5 Deficiencies in Vegetarian Diets

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A vegetarian diet can be very healthy – as long as it’s done properly. As a vegetarian herself, Dr. Majd reviews 5 of the most common nutritional deficiencies in vegetarian diets. Make certain that you are obtaining the proper vegetarian nutrients and avoiding the common dietary pitfalls.

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1. Protein Sources:
2. Iron Sources:
3. Calcium Sources:
4. Vitamin D Sources:
5. Vitamin B12 Sources:
6. USDA 2015 Dietary Guidelines: .
7. The food pyramid was replaced by “my plate” in 2011. Here’s the vegetarian version:


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Majd MD says:

Please share your favorite easy-to-make vegetarian recipe in the comments here! Here’s mine (a pressure cooker recipe):

Oliver Stroh says:

Believe you're maxing out your mic, check some recommendations on podcast or video audio filters to apply and place the mic slightly farther away. Either way thank you for the information 🙌

Dave says:

good information, but the long 1 minute intro was annoying and should have been left out.

Ben Pearcy says:

Thank you!!

Bonnie D. Owens says:

Seeing a video of what horror animals suffer at slaughter, I no longer desire meat. It is dreadful what these sentient beings suffer. Small home farms may be less cruel but most are slaughtered enmass Crowded, smelling death and fear, injured, just terrified. A calf was on the ground with a broke leg mother being herded away, both crying for each other. Heartbreaking.

of the animals are terrified, injured and suffering. Chickens are raised jn deplorable conditions en mass.I will eat pastuer raised eggs. kept in horrible conditions enmass at slaughter house.

Sean Burlew says:

Ive been thinking about becoming vegetarian, but wanted to do it in a healthy manor. This is a great starting ground for me.

Jeremiah Brumley says:

In other words. Being vegetarian is so much more healthy. Just make sure you take those extra supplements to offset the fact that you aren't being as healthy as you think

Ewan Loughlan says:

tbh i would probs eat meat, fish and poultry if it didnt affect the environment so much

Mofli Kitty says:

how can you talk about calcium and not mention sesame paste aka tahini???

Shaun Russell says:

This was helpful… I’ve been a vegetarian 🌱 for 21 years now and I initially became a vegetarian because I Love animals!! But, it’s also for my health and the Heath of the planet! My younger sister became vegetarian at age 12, and has been a vegan for about 8 years and is very healthy!! She has a very healthy vegan family with my two nieces! I believe it’s the healthiest diet out there!! 👍🌱

Fan Girl says:

Wait, so as a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat and I drink planet oat milk. I use regular butter and cheese. I also eat almonds and my hair has been thinning (only a little bit though) I had started talking vitamin b-12 today would multivitamins be necessary for me as well?

mollygay bananas says:

I became vegetarian then vegan at first because I felt healthier but evolved into me caring about it due to the environmental impact and morals around animal exploitation

Morgan H says:

… the protein fact is just wrong.

J D says:

Is it true young vegetarians grow 4 inches smaller than they are suppose to?

Ayden Marrullier says:

Going vegetarian for environmental reasons

Yoga with Autumn says:

I am moving in the direction of vegetarianism because I can’t stand to know that what I’m eating when I consume meat is the death of an animal, who, just like me, has a vertebrae- which means they feel pain and has feelings of fear and love. I’m sure the all animals know they are going to die at slaughter houses, and that they feel sad and scared to die- also perhaps betrayed by the humans who were taking care of them. This links to my spiritual reason behind this, in that I understand that what you eat is what you are- and it definitely affects your mind. I find meditation is harder for me when I eat meat- I am more prone to overthinking, restlessness, fear and anger when I do eat meat. I like the taste of it, but I am willing to sacrifice that for my spiritual growth and to help the environment by reducing the amount of methane pumped into our atmosphere. It’s been really hard because my partner is a big big meat eater and when I see him eat it, it’s definitely tempting. Thank you for the video. Now I can structure my meals so that I don’t create problems in my body. Thank you Doctor 🙏🏼 You’re so sweet and personable and made this less confusing for me.

Lee Bottoms says:

I've been vegetarian for 3 months simply because I was curious how my body would react to it, and I felt like my diet could be much more nutritious if I replaced meat-heavy meals with more vegetables and legumes. I feel really great so far with no adverse effects, other than a few times when I have not focused on getting enough protein after a hard workout which left me sore and weak feeling for longer than normal. It is very hard to be vegetarian if you don't have time to cook or a desire prepare meals for yourself. The best thing I have done for myself to support my vegetarian diet is to learn how to make a really great salad, smoothies, and how to season lentils so I am excited to eat them. Thai and indian food is so satisfying and satiating with just veggies, egg, or tofu!

ThatCanadianGamer says:

Vegetarian for three years and I still struggle getting enough vitamins. I eat as much veggies as I can. Yet I still feel exhausted 24/7.

Salmai Oseguera says:

After having COVID my tates buds changed. I can stand the taste or the smell of meat, eggs and milk so I'm definitely considering going vegan. Thank you so much for sharing this information 🥰

cute4ever00 says:

Help! I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 yrs, for the last few years I’ve noticed that I would get dizzy after working out. Now it’s gotten worse I get very dizzy while going on walks to the point where I feel like I’m going to faint. I feel dizzy sometimes after lifting something heavy, or picking up something from the floor. Needless to say I’m afraid of going on walks by myself or working out. It seems my blood pressure is low and I’ve been reading vegetarian diets lower blood pressure. Idk what to do, the only recommendations I’ve seen is to increase sodium, caffeine and calories. I recently had blood work everything came back fine, any advice?

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