Are Magnum Ice Cream Bars All That Great?

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A Supertaster value check to see if the Magnum ultra-premium ice cream treat lives up to its price tag.


MisterZ3r0 says:

Magnums are way better than other bars. They don't contain vegetable oils (coconut and soybean oils) as a substitute for cocoa butter. Veg oil gives chocolate a waxy mouthful and taste worse. Both Haagen-Dazs and Dove contain it.

Racheal Hart says:

I bought a 3 pack of the double caramel my self today. the size seems a lot smaller than the one he and the girl in the commercial are eating. It was ok to me. I prefer Klondike bars though.

shono says:

That's just a normal ice cream bar in Sweden lol. And it's 25 years old.

antilauren39 says:

I'm from England and we have had magnums for years, however as much as I like magnums I normally buy a cheaper version because they Normally taste just as good either way.

Jesse C says:

Packaging is BS, it's an ice cream bar. There's NO WAY these things are worth as much as they charge, and also the whole magnum name gimmick is pretty low ball considering they want to be premium. Magnum is defined in Merriam Webster's as "a large wine bottle holding about 1.5 liters" or a term coined for revolvers. The only other use of magnum is for condoms, so I seriously doubt they're going for the weapon or the wine. I worked in a grocery store for 3 1/2 years, and while it was a rural store I don't EVER recall getting a shipment of these bars after the initial order. They basically just sat in the freezer until they'd get close to date, then get thrown away and we'd order more.

strocat25 says:

they're not cheap here in america too…. Ohhh by the way my Canadian brethren … theres these chicken fries made in canada made by "Yummy" brand and those are amazing … kudos to you my maple leaf friend

Lisa Hacobsen says:

Euw your teeth are so yellow :S

Gnarly Dude says:

Whoop whoop

WG1Milzo says:

and really cheap in the u.k

rachel chan says:

the chocolate taste like chocolate. lol.

Joe Killian says:

You should try the limited ones

Levi Everaerts says:

Oh well, we in The Netherlands recently got Mountain Dew, so I guess we're even with you guys now haha.

Mike DiLoreto says:

Yeah, we recently got them in the US, however I dived into them while staying in Italy for a couple of weeks. They were incredible, especially the Creme Brulee and Pistachio.

Hekate Antania says:

The varieties you can get in Europe are way better.

BrownEyedBeauty831 says:

These are amazing. I eat it like they do in the commercials, no lie. Try one, and youll want to do the same.

leogus says:

Frisko for the win

and3210123 says:

Just wait. In Denmark we have White chocolate and strawberry. Black espresso. Pink champagne. Magnum Gold and a Bunch more 🙂

and3210123 says:

I think it's from Denmark 🙂

Dady Ramadhan says:

yeah even in Indonesia (South East Asia) we have it since 1990's

darvoid66 says:

These only cost 6.99 for a nine pack at Bj's wholesale club. Dangerously inexpensive.

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