Family Classics with Frazier Thomas original theme song

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I hope this brings back pleasant memories for you. Special thanks to srmqzq for finding and sharing the song.


Walter D Wormack says:

Family Classics, originally aired on WGN-TV, on Friday Nights. I don't remember what year it was, when WGN-TV, rescheduled the show to Sunday afternoons. Just the same, this was back when Chicago's 'local' television stations, were actually FUN to watch, (at least if you were a kid, or a "armchair athlete").
Kids got to watch "Ray Rayner & Friends", before they went to school in the mornings. And they came home for lunch, to watch "Bozo's Circus". Dad, got all of his local sports! Da Sox, Da Cubs, Da Bears, Da Bulls, And Da Bears!

jessie james jr says:

Pure nostagia, everytime I hear this tune it takes me back to when I was young. I always make me think about one of the programs, Robin Hood. A GREAT tune!

Ih Niggs says:

Will be 50 y.o. on Monday (LORD willing.) Bawling my brains out. I love my generation. Sheesh. 🙄 Happy Independence Day, everyone. God Bless America 🇺🇲… & our beloved, belated Mr. Frazier Thomas. 🙏❤

Jim Clayton says:

Creature Features on Saturday nights, Family Classics on Sunday afternoons, never missed them in the early 70s!!

Mary Lee says:

Those were the good ole days … days we will never forget or get back !!! I am ever so grateful for them … the memories are awesome !!

KeyBoard Warrior says:

Anyone remember when this show came on Friday evening? Jungle Book comes to mind as well as Tobot The Great! lol

Tony Pittman says:

When I this song as an ADULT it take me back to my Childhood as a kid sitting with my siblings watching a Wonderful Movie on a Sunday Evening ❤

maureen cora says:

I Love the Theme Song. What's the Name of It?

Dave Longenecker says:

Frazier Thomas was a very classy guy. I always enjoyed him in Family Classics, and Garfield Goose too. I once wrote to Frazier Thomas at WGN to ask if he would show me how to play the "Jaw Harp" that he would sometimes play on Garfield Goose. I had one, but didn't know how to play it. He sent me a handwritten letter that he would demonstrate the "Jaw Harp" on the Garfield Goose show on … such and such a day… and thanked me for watching the show, and wishing me well in my school. Just a real classy guy to help out a little boy like that!

Colin Chisek says:

We always looked forward to War of the Worlds and The Time Machine.

Dr. Darren Carpenter says:

Yes this is a classic. How the world has change as a child . Am at my company carpentercare on YouTube theme songs bring tears to older clients 45-70.. in 13th February I start another online company called chi-networks.. each weekend theme song will change..

Chris Carter says:

Late 80,s weekend theatre voice over with merri dee westerns can't remember was it Saturday or Sunday these would run

john huels says:

Growing up in Chicago in the 60s 70s 80s TV wise,was the best,with the great TV was a simple time for a kid.

Lee Reeder says:

Have always loved Frazier Thomas even he's been gone over 3 decades. A true Chicago legend

U L says:

WGN-TV’s Family Classics Sponsored by Turner Classic Movies

Lady says:

I wish someone would create a compilation set of Family Classics and sell on Amazon. They’d make a fortune.

77summertime says:

Loved Family Classics

lemard mays says:

So nice for the music.

lemard mays says:

I miss the show so much from back then. Nice.

purplegurl79 says:

This piece is why I wanted to play the violin when I was a kid. 41 years old now…still playing.

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