MAGNUM Ice Cream | Instant customized Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Creamsicles | MAGNUM NY

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MAGNUM Ice Cream – Pleasure Store in New York (NY)
Customize instant MAGNUM Ice Cream Creamsicles / Popsicles / Icepops with Chocolate, Vanilla & more Toppings.
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134 Prince St
NY 10012
United States of America
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Dingkz Mlegend says:

Wow 👏 😍 😮 👏 wooooooooooooooow
I really like magnum

Henna Leppinen says:

Hyvä jäätelö

Henna Leppinen says:

Hyvä jäätelä

Manjiro Sano says:

There used to be one at an SM mall near my house but they removed it.
I miss it so much😥

White Lilly spider L says:

Anyone watching 2021👍

Berkay Demirci says:

This is their magnum opus 😀

SweetSavvy says:

I would love to go there

mistress's of miracle B says:

Super ☝😀🤤bro from🇮🇳 India


%10para atrtması dışında ne degişti? Bu normal dondurma.

Aaish Oli says:

Why is there no Magnum pleasure store in LA???

Jack Dolah says:

Why would you eat something so poisonous like that🤮🤮

dksks oapaln says:

Why dont we have something like this in here🙂💔

Dw ayu kade widya Prameswari01 says:

Mau dong di mana alamat nya

Virus Yong says:

̿̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=༼ ▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿ ༽/🍦

Ksailokhesh viswanath says:

I am from India but I don't have this shop

Parul Gill says:

I wanna have those Magnum circle badges…those seems to be really good and attractive….who else thinks d same ??
Hit a like and let's see

Planned it says:

What do the dried flowers taste like?

Muhammad Achyar Lubby says:

Please tell me the price how much for 1 stick

Rahela Begum says:

No the original idea is From Dubai I can’t have it anyway😭😢

Boby Gurung says:

Magnum is one of my best ice-cream but in Nepal there no shop avaible in there

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