The Most Incredible Vegan Cheesecake

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We’re showing you how to make an incredible vegan cheesecake! Firm texture while be soft, creamy and decadent with the best vegan graham cracker crust!

The recipe itself is easy to make while it does require patience with the time!

Enjoy! And let us know if you have any questions.


Get the ingredients and more in our website post:

Graham Crackers Recipe:

❌ Allergens: Coconut, Wheat (can be Top 8 Free)

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*Kitchen Knife Block Set:
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Make It Dairy Free says:

Weigh in….is it a pie or cake?

Daphne Baker says:

You crack me up. Facial expressions are spot on. I love these videos. Not getting all of your secrets on the first date. Hilarious!!!

Kim Thomas says:

Wow, that looks delicious! Andrew, you're amazing, and amusing! ☺

kathleen swenning says:

Hilarious !!!!!!!! That is a kickin recipe too!!!!!! Very inspiring !!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Natalie B says:

When I make vegan cheesecake I find only using vegan cream cheese it's way too rich. So I like to mix it with silken tofu and maybe a few soaked cashews to make it less rich but just enough. But I know some people can't have soy or nuts so idk what else you could sub if you also find the cream cheese too much.

Rasalind Fisher says:

A mess 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂 thanks for sharing lol

Linda Clay says:

Philly cheeselike pie!

Giulietta Ciambotti says:

Pie. Yes. Mmmmmmm
Your hilarious✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

nextexit says:

I love your humour Andrew!!! 😀 Also can't wait to try this one! Love that this version is cashew and coconut free!

Tabitha Jones says:

Looks great, gonna try. 😅 funny dude

Nina Angelique says:

Cakes and pies, cakes and pies 👏🏾😂👏🏾

Margaret B says:

2:30 You really must love your kids a lot. I hope they give the love back on a daily, even when a little annoying 😀

Margaret B says:

0:45 As always, your sense of humor Andrew is just next level. I love the line of thinking here and I must say, I am proud of my own language which distinguishes the most unique cakes with appropriate unique names (although classifies them as cakes, rarely anyone uses the actual name and the word "cake" together). A cheesecake is "sernik" while an apple pie is "szarlotka". In the meantime, a chocolate or lemon cake would be called "ciasto czekoladowe" and "ciasto cytrynowe" respectively. To me, makes a lot of sense hence I absolutely agree with your new name for a cheesecake. Especially considering it was always my fave cake before going vegan so it deserves a royal title.

mosheree22222 says:

This is the closest to my old non-vegan cheesecake I've seen! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Thank you!! Can't wait to try this out 😍 #waterbathauthenticity

Pat M says:

Thank you for the great recipe. Andrew, you are hilarious, you made me laugh so much, I really needed that. Wish you and Larisha a wonderful and peaceful day.

Kenneth Maese says:

Great recipe and funny video

Starbaby says:

How could you not take an on camera bite. Blasphemous to the food gawds.

rl42382 says:

@make it dairy free I add vegan lactic acid and it is like magic. I get the best results using tofutti

Sarah Gutierrez says:

Would you guys be willing to do a vegan milk chocolate taste test? Not a fan (at all) of dark chocolate and I'm dying for a good "milk" chocolate bar treat!

Karen Baxter says:

That is the cleanest and tidiest beard I have ever seen. I don't normally like beards but yours looks really good.

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