ULTRA LAZY VEGAN RECIPES #5 // Summer High Protein Vegan Recipes

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Hatim Hayou says:

Vegans eat tuna ???

Brandy R says:

I’m in Canada, I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now; you’re always super cute! I’m definitely going to try out these recipes! I’ve never made pancakes with apple sauce

Pamela Webb says:

Love your channel! Love your views! Not a vegan yet, but vegetarian (admittedly by default: daughter and hubby went vegetarian this year, too difficult to just cook for my self and them separately). Is that Lazy too?? Lol. Keep up the great inspirational recipes and philosophies!!

Supernova12034 says:

Im so lazy I cant be bothered to skip the first 2 mins of advertisements

p Ww says:

Should read

"Lazy pathetic and stupid vegan"

Kat says:

I think the music choice was too much for me. Your videos usually relax me so I'm sure it was the music that made it different this time. I'll try out that pasta salad! It looks good!

Genevieve says:

I'm so making your cold ramen noodles 😍 I have a packet of ramen that has been sitting there for ages and I just haven't been inspired. Love these recipes 😍

plantae tivoli says:

I did and I feel aaamazing! thanks Rose !

Sea Amundsen says:

The music on this video was real rough. To loud and overwhelming

Always Wearing My Long Hair Down says:

Some people seem upset about the mention on Thrive Market, but I actually liked this video because I have been on the fence about signing up for this service. Showing how you used vegan products from there and the price point is a good demonstration.

Janet Hansen says:

I'm sorry Rose, I do enjoy your channel but I had to turn off this one after a couple of minutes. It's basically an 11 minute advertisement for something I can't access anyway not being from US or Canada.

Kitten Se Dévoile says:

You shouldn't rinse your pasta with water… its harder for the sauce to stick… thats cooking 101

extremelyhappysimmer says:

Girl, slow down! The fast talking and breaths in every word is annoying as fuck. Just talk slower! Its not a race.

extremelyhappysimmer says:

@2:00 to skip thrive ad

Sabina says:

Who buys PANCAKE MIX?!! You literally need only flour and water for a PANCAKE!!

InvincibleIgnorance says:

Why are the noodles black?

InvincibleIgnorance says:

I think portioning ingredients out in cute little jars would actually make my life more difficult.

Helsic says:

Sorry but this video feels like an 11 min advertisement for Thrive market…

NoRoots Nomad says:

A 12 minute long Thrive Market commercial

The Humming Vegan says:

Thrive Market ships to Canada already??

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