Weekly Food Prep: Healthy Vegetarian Ideas for Quick and Easy Meals

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Weekly Food Prep: Healthy Vegetarian Ideas for Quick and Easy Meals
This video I’ll be sharing how I do a weekly food prep for quick and easy vegetarian meals. I enjoy food prepping over meal prepping a lot of the time because you can just throw different ingredients together for salads, bowls or wraps. I hope you’re able to grab some quick tips or tricks from this and apply them to your own lifestyle.

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Orville Jessie says:

The telling mattock intriguinly decide because night typically head except a nutritious taxi. milky, dizzy slime

Viktorija Karakulko says:

I often use pickled onions for my salad. Especially if it's a red onion, it adds this beautiful pink color to your salads. Just dice it up, throw it in a jar and top it with some white vinegar. The next day they are good to go and can stay in the fridge for 2 weeks!

Tall Inthesaddle says:

Before you continue spreading the gospel of veganism you might want to check out Glyphosate herbicide. It's been in use since the 1970's. Wikipedia says it penetrates the growing crop. Guess what that means? You can't wash it off, it's embedded. Studies have revealed that Glyphosate damages humans at the cellular level. Oh by the way there are also lectins and oxalates in most of those wonderful "superfoods". The vegan lifestyle is like walking through a minefield.

Maria Thornbrough says:

All is good, but tomatoes should never be refrigerated…travesty!!!

Nate Hernandez says:

Ayo, not to judge, but you are using a boning knife to chop up vegetables…

Elana Smith says:

Where did you get the large lettuce container?

Nick Son says:

you can make your own taco spices!! easy peasy and no added unwanted things!

Avril Bellis says:

I loves having raw vegetables lettuces, radishes, peas, and tomatoes. And raw cucumbers. And raw onions. At home. I can get any anytimes. Refrigerated. Meals. Snacks. Totally vegetarian.


Aurora Charming says:

What else can you do with tofu, I've never actually tried it?☺️

Christina Violette says:

Thank you for this video Erin. Always a pleasure watching.👏👏

Lu Clavijo says:

Hi Erin! I have a question, does your veggies ripe throughout the week or they maintain well in the container? Thanks! 😊

Ege says:

Thank you for the video! I am not sure but I think storing tomatoes, onions and cucumbers that way may not be a good idea to protect their vitamins.

gingerkitten6 says:

Put a sheet of paper towel in with the lettuce to make it last longer!

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