What We Eat In A Day + Sauce Recipe | High Raw Vegan Family

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BBQ Sauce Sandwich Recipe: http://highenergyparenting.com/recipes

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Thanks for watching family! Another what we eat in a day video for you; vegan and mostly raw. Delicious vegan recipes for sauce and smoothie below:

Tropical Splash Smoothie: https://highenergyparenting.com/portfolio/tropical-splash-smoothie/

Date BBQ Sauce: https://highenergyparenting.com/portfolio/raw-vegan-bbq-sauce/

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Erin Buckley says:

awesome thanks x fyi the link for your bbq sauce sandwich isnt working x

The World Is A Stage says:

Just FYI, the USDA funded a study in 2000 and discovered meat eaters were just as deficient and non meat eaters in B12. B12 is from cobalamin found in dirt.

Ana Larson says:

Cute kids, yummy food, bon appetit. Blessings to the journey and good health for all

thankfullytrue with the Roberts Family says:

Great video. Thank you for the recipes.

thankfullytrue with the Roberts Family says:


Taryn Elaine says:

thank you for being a light on this platform that has so much darkness

Laura says:

How beautiful you are❤ thank you for sharing

Sister Morningstar says:

lol why you eating yeast to get nutrition that's silly. and you all know that too much fruit is bad for you too much sugar

Bubbly_SnowFlake says:

This is so sad..look how bloated that child at the end abdomen is ..everyone is always saying oh how healthy everyone is but I am starting realize most vegans dont even seem to take their child to pediatricians because they don't think immunizations are important..

Lovely bamboo says:

Wow torturing your kids with this government propaganda diet ? I hope you still alive and came to your senses by now.
We are not meant to be vegans by God’s design! Please understand till it’s not too late for you and your kids!

JJ tokin says:


Check this out. He’s kinda calling you out.. Would actually love to see a video of you talking about him now!!! PLZ!!!

LoLLis_Life says:

I really like to watch Videos from Vegans what they eat and stuff like this.. But why are you not using Fresh garlic and fresh onions??? Why powder??

Movie Watch Daily says:

Even their plants eat meat.

Rachel derrenkamp says:

The flexibility your kid has is probably Ehlers danlos syndrome. I know bc i have it as well. She is actually damaging her body doing those "cool body tricks"….please watch her bc she grows older the disease worsens and commodities start to form.

Krisztián Wirsz says:

I'm not here to troll, but are you sure this diet is working for you? You are very thin man.

Easy Ideas says:

All of you guys look so healthy though

Family Of Wildflowers says:

I need to get a mat for our living room. Love that the kids are involved making food with you guys!

Deborah Vail says:


Levi Hudson says:

You need to feed yourself and your kids some proper food your waisting away.

Joy Herring says:

Lol that was a big belly 🥰. If we all ate this way the world would be a beautiful place! Everyone’s vibration would be so high all animals would be respected and loved! It would heaven on earth.

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