Mid-winter Veggie Herb-ed Soup Video Recipe by Bhavna – Asia Eats Collaboration

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Masala toast at https://youtu.be/MCQRpYB_qzw
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Aroon Aroon says:

Forced norrh American accent. One can tell.

Bhargav Pisolkar says:

Why to use fake American accent. It's not even suiting!
Recipe is good…. But the accent is a big turn off!!

Usha R says:

Can you share the recipe of the masala toast used along with the soup

Gaurav Kataria says:

What’s this accent 🤔

Tshering Bhuti says:

Woww I want

Sherry Princess says:

Hi I believe you live in Florida? There is not too cold 🥶 any recipes and dishes spices to use for real cold 🥶 winter like Maine ?

EdifiedSoul says:

This looks amazing and I bet it taste delicious! I am going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

paresh vanhhj says:

good for diabetes

Jashoda Patel says:

We're you bay small Electric stva

Manmeet Kaur says:

cani use reg potato if i dont have sweet?

Ko Ilbong says:

I've tasted this while I'm working in middle east,it's delicious.

Sumit Mohta says:

mid winter herb soup wala recipe low fat hii and tomato soup wala bhi

Sumit Mohta says:

mam mere ko low fat calories ka soup ka video apply kare pls but veg

Kat G. says:

My right ear is feeling lonely.

Nadia Mungal says:

Hi good job keep it up 🐽 🐽🐽🐽 love all your video 💕💕💕 thanks 👌👌👌

Subhalakshmi Sivaramakrishnan says:

someone else r having the same problem

Subhalakshmi Sivaramakrishnan says:

No sound at all

mamta sawant says:

nice soup 👌👌

S Jones says:

hello! can i substitute ginger with garlic?

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