So much flavour in a bowl! | My super tasty Roasted Vegetable Soup recipe.

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A rainbow of vegetables, roasted until sweet, tender. All blended together with stock and creamy-yet-sharp parmesan and you’ve got the perfect lunch to warm you up from the inside. Dishing up steaming ladles of this roasted vegetable soup with chunks of fresh bread is one of my favourite ways to enjoy lunch over Winter.

I love to roast them until golden and caramelized to add lots of extra flavours. Throw in some parmesan too for a creamy finish.

This soup is packed with nutritious vegetables!

Free printable recipe available on our site:

Ingredients for this roasted vegetable soup:
▢1 large sweet potato – peeled and chopped into chunks
▢1 red bell pepper – deseeded and chopped into chunks
▢1 yellow bell pepper – deseeded and chopped into chunks
▢2 medium carrots – peeled and chopped
▢3 cloves garlic – left in the skin
▢3 tbsp olive oil
▢½ tsp salt
▢½ tsp ground black pepper
▢½ tsp paprika
▢½ tsp ground cumin
▢1 red onion – peeled and chopped into wedges
▢1 litre (4 ¼ cups) vegetable stock – (use vegetable bouillon for gluten-free)
▢35 g (⅓ cup) grated parmesan – (Use vegetarian hard cheese for full vegetarian version)

To serve:
▢2 tbsp grated parmesan
▢a few sprigs of fresh thyme

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christopher optimus prime says:

Your awsome

David Warden says:

Made the roasted veg soup many times. A family favourite and so easy. Thanks.

Marcus Sullens says:

Hi. Would you mind me asking what size saucepan you are using here.

Kirsty Heaton says:

Such a delicious soup! thank you for sharing xx

Kat The Scribe says:

I love roasted veggies and I love soup! This looks just delicious, and the bread reminds me of the Village Bakery's Seeded Sourdough. I miss that bread. Thanks again for a great recipe!

456graper says:

Hi, have just found your site and each recipe I've watched so far I can't wait to try. Have just made this soup and sooo nice. Will be making this again and can't wait to try other recipes

beau quillian says:

Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe. Made it last night and it was DELICIOUS. Next time I'm gonna double it and put some in the freezer. This kind of recipe during the pandemic is an absolute gift. Seriously folks, make this soup.

Joseph Lee says:

is it necessary to have a hand blender? i only have a nutribullet and cant use it for hot things 🙁

thanks for all your great videos

Demi Jones says:

That looks delicious, I'll have to give it a try

John Drummond says:

I love these videos. So simple and so satisfying recipes!!!!

mary carter says:

You are an amazing cook I just love ALLyour recipes..

Eleanor54 says:

Made this soup and I have to say it's the best soup I've tasted. I've now passed this recipe on to so many people.

Elaine Armatage says:

Gorgeous, thick, delicious soup. I will definately be make again.

Van Helsing says:

the problem with baking and cooking is that all the vitamins are lostin the vegetables. When serving, you should therefore always add finely chopped fresh vegetables, e.g. paprika, broccoli, cauliflower etc. to the soup. after all, what's the use of a tasty soup that doesn't have any vitamins because everything was boiled dead?

Mo Slater says:

Just made this soup, I’ve made others in the past but always a little disappointed, but this one Nicky is so so nice , the best one I’ve made so a big thank you for sharing your culinary skills with us, it’s delicious

Kathy Clayden says:

Love this soup so easy😊

P M says:

I made this last night and it was so delicious I thought it could have been served in a gourmet restaurant unlike other things like I usually make.

nolitax says:

Cooked it today, it tastes way too sweet 😕

Ann Snider says:

Oh my gosh! This looks so good! Totally making it this week for lunches!

Francis Raffle says:

Thank you that soup looks so nice but I dont like sweet potatoes can I add ordinary potatoes and perhaps put a little something in with it love fran xx

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