Are Vegetarians Healthier? – Should I Eat Meat? – BBC

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Michael Mosley compares the difference between a meat lunch and a vegetarian lunch to find out whether or not it is actually healthier to be a vegetarian?

Taken from Should I Eat Meat?

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Raw Bacon says:

Vegetarianism is just cult behavior………….Really studies show vegetarians have almost 3x higher rate of cancer, much higher mental illness and just overall worse health.

Daniela Barra says:

Probase Nutrition uses the best ingredients and all their products are free of any fillers, sugars, colorants and flavors.

Neon Mushroom says:

Liars, destroying God's work with lies

Lännie says:

i've been a vegetarian for about 2 years now (turned vegetarian right after my 18th birthday and had been eating mostly vegetarian foods for about 2 years prior) and i honestly cant imagine going back to eating meat. It may be hard in the beginning, but it gets so much easier once you educate yourself on how farm animals are treated. I dont see meat as food anymore, i see it as the dead body of someone who wanted to live.

xXRambodianXx says:

Well, I tried going full vegan. Was feeling good for about 2-3 months. But slowely started to become fatigued, irritated and my digestion was terrible.
Decided to add red meat back into my diet, feel amazing.
I believe the main factor is eating healthy cuts of beef with healthy assortment of vegetables and fruits.
Take out all the processed food and you get the best results IMO.

Shubhankar Dasgupta says:

I'm a non-vegitarian and it's the best for me. Not eating meat and other protein in a span of 2-3 days and then eating a complete plate of Chicken curry or sometimes Mutton curry. My diet is pretty much wholesome. As I'm from India we have the best 'vegetarian' food not the 'vegan deepshit' food which don't consits of protein.

T S says:

7dayadventists correlations are no proof for anything lmao. Religious idiots

Purple Monkey Dishwasher says:

My grandmother ate meat her whole life and lived the age of 93!

Ashish Kumar Routray says:

Being Vegan 💪

K R says:

After 70 life is pointless. So enjoy and live the life to live not to survive.

Alkeryn says:

guys, i think you know this by now, but don't listen to the crap media tells you.
if you actually look into the science, biochemistry and studies, all the claims against meat and cholesterol or the environment have been debunked by now.

HadiMali says:

Humans need to eat meat to have power and thinking deeper and better :/

Lourence Miguel Odoño Simon says:

You can eat meat but just dont eat meat everyday

Marky Mark says:

Beef & fish with scales are what adventist mostly eat, also veggies

Raju Shil says:

Sorry but most white people don't know that its not all about your physical health , your mental health does also count

randomuploadsism says:

Vegetarians and vegans are usually smarter because they don’t just follow the crowd, smart people earn more and rich people live longer.

Jonas Ark says:
This is a drag in society. Having the right to freedom will disappear if these issues keep poppin up.
Vegan diet is bad for Ur health. At best u can be a pescatarian.

Craig A says:

These studies don't factor anything else in except diet. As he says they don't have the answers. There is an anti meat agenda. I would rather drop dead, strong and at well built in my 60s than live to 100 rotting away and frail like the vegans.

Ash Cooper says:


Even vegeterians eat microorganisms on their food so they are just dim-witted hypocrites

freak gamer says:

and eating non veg creates worlds 20% pollution even more than factories and automobiles, u have to do deforestations every year just for growing animals, lots of human food like soya u have to gave them to animals for growing, and after all u wont get any organic meat from them

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