What My FUSSY Vegan Kid Eats In A Day 🙈🥕

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Don’t miss the Bloopers lol 🙂

Open for Important Info:

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* Regarding Aslan’s Supplements:
– He takes B12 daily (ALL vegans & vegan kids should take extra B12!)
– He takes Vegan D3 (we use the one from MyProtein)
– He also takes sometimes a multivitamin (just as a back up!)

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Healthy Crazy Cool says:

Aslan also ate a lot of popcorn & almonds on this day (but forgot to film it!).. Lots of love form both of us 💙…

Not liking tahini is an unacceptable Crime – so he is still going for $20 if anyone wants him ✌🏽

meski says:

Your nephew is a ray of light this was awesome to watch so much energy!

Laurie Strode says:

Uncles are always crazy

Kirsten Lampl says:

If you are vegan, only a good kind of fussy exits 🤗

Angel is vegan says:

Super adorable.. but that school thing really pissed me off.. the audacity

Angel is vegan says:

Best dancer ever ❤💖♥

Angel is vegan says:

Sale 😆🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zombie Man R.S. says:

My seven year old said "I do." To the add about selling him on amazon prime. 😂😂😂😂


Awesome! Thanks for this vegan kid video. My son is 8 yrs old and I need help finding meal options for him.

Soňa Bláhová says:

Beautiful son

Ole Son says:

Imma stick to my McDonald’s hamburgers

Chego Bego says:

Hahahahhaha you guys are so funny and sweet

Nick Tonga says:

Can your cute nephew make another appearance in your videos soon?

Sina Mirzaei Nejad says:

2:27 as the door just went open without any external FORCE , creepy 😀 xD

Gmailiciousful says:

Gee, your health has declined severely in three years. 2018-2021. Yikes. Please nourish yourself and your child.

Peter Piper says:

children having children.

Paola Guatibonza says:

I love the editing on the video 😂 I wonder what Aslan said when he heard his slurping noises on the video afterwards 🤪

Teresa Gould says:

Fuck me. I’m a brilliant mum too and I think schools are insane and no nothing about nutrition.xxxx

Teresa Gould says:

I lie to my son and put avocado 🥑 and spinach in his smoothies. I just say it’s the green apple 🍏 lol 😂 he loves it xxx

Natasha Letourneau says:

So inspirational because my son is 7 months old & just started eating fruit!
I pray I can keep him vegan … I’ll just have to tell him the truth about what the industry does to animals 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

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