20-Minute Vegan Meals EVERYONE Should Know

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20-minute vegan meals that don’t sacrifice on flavor! Thank you to ALDI for sponsoring this video! Be sure to visit your local ALDI for unbeatable prices on so many plant-based groceries.

For the printable recipes and tips on how to save time in the kitchen, head to the blog post: https://rainbowplantlife.com/20-minute-vegan-meals


Insiya says:

omg, idk if nisha will see this but i think i am following you since you had published your instant pot cookbook, made daal tadka and omg!! I never noticed your subs until now, huge congratulations.. seeing you grow since 50k i think haha.. love you ☀️☀️

RiseUpBlue says:

I'd do a few substitutions, but these are great ideas!! I can't wait to try them.

Melody Laney says:

Why do you have to make SO many delicious recipes!?!? My house will never be clean because I'm going to be making them all!!!! 🤣 Anytime I want to make something, you're the first blogger I search for. Thank you so much for your delicious recipes and great sense of humor! ❤️

Elisia's Evolution says:

Ill defo be trying these!!

Wesley Verhoeve - Photo Book NOTICE Out Now! says:

I needed this today! Thanks Nisha!

Viet Anh Tran says:

How about a seven day taco video because i sure would like to know what works for taco monday 😂

Rebecca A says:

Ooohhhh just what I needed! I'm a busy single mum of two so these are perfect! We're a vegan family

Solaine CR says:

I love your videos so much ! Actually, I've been tricking my mum: she believes that some new dishes I made have some sort of meat because they are really tasty. All recipes from yours.
Lots of love.

Liz T says:

The recipes look great except …. I cannot stand cilantro. Can I substitute parsley for it?

Mandy Matthews says:

Can you make pizza please? I trust you to make it yummy 😋 please please please

Marilyn C says:

amazing. brilliant. will try the green bean one tonight!

Larissa Veres says:

That pasta looks heavenly omg

Lindsay Toussaint says:

the shade for that disrespectful stock-image kid sent me!! LMAO

Hina Ahmed says:

Idk why but not even but these vid are legit so addicting the meals look Soo yummy better then the other vegan recipes I saw also who is ur editor!!

Jay - says:

ooo yeah!!!

Kitchen Life says:

So far I’ve tried the tofu dish, and chickpea tacos. They were both really good! I wasn’t sure I would like the cilantro pesto, as I don’t love cilantro, but I don’t hate it either. I actually really liked it, and it made the dish! Thank you for these great recipes!

Claudia says:

Love your ideas and presentation! Please try to use real towels, not single use disposables bound for the landfill! Thank you❣

V. Mishra's art says:


Char Covelesky says:

For anyone who needs to avoid oil for health reasons like me… I spray the tofu lightly with liquid aminos or briefly dip into a seasoned liquid of choice, then lightly dust with cornstarch and pop it into the air fryer for 15 minutes or until crispy. The cornstarch helps make the surfaces crispier… it won't be as crispy as fried of course, but still awesome!

Caleb Wilson says:

Did you make a book yet?

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