Plant Based Grocery Haul!!!/ Vegetarian/ Large Family

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Sarah Gardner says:

Your family is so adorable. I love this video!!

Lyndy Simpson says:

Watch Terry and Angel love plant she has the best recipes when you watch her you taught her recipes they come out delicious

StephiKarolyi says:

If a soup recipe calls for water with cream/milk I will just substitute all liquids out with (unsweet unflavored) almondmilk. When the soup is cooked through I will take a few ladle fulls of the soup and blend it, add it back to the soup and mix. Seems to do the trick to thicken it up nicely.

I really enjoy date rolls as a dessert or a date with peanut butter in the middle or almond butter.

Kayla Austin says:

Why did you decide to go vegetarian? That cancer protocol you kept talking there is alot of info about how it's not as healing as they have said, people 2hi are vegetarian and vegan get sickness and cancer just as much. Its processed food that is the problem, vegan vegetarian and all other processed foods. Whole foods are the best for you and most healing, ask our meat eating ancestors who didnt get cancer like today.

Trina Browningo says:

Go to Ellen Fishers Cookbook,Vegan,she's good! Has children,whole family is vegan

Watchwoman kindred Spirit in Christ says:

I have not seen your videos since you had your last baby, I just caught this video and lived it. You look really great after having the baby, must be all that good veggie eating. I will have to go back and see if you share why you all went vegetarian or plant based, I went vegan 99% for the last two years due to alpha-Gal diagnosis and I love it I eat exactly what you eat no dairy, sugar other than honey, no meat, no grain with the exception of rice, quinoa, Amaranth or oats and, I don’t eat nuts and seeds due to sensitivity to high histamine foods, no night shades for the most part, “after tick bite” you did a great job shopping it looks like my cart and fridge. Lost 70 lbs not trying, now I’m trying to hold my weight.
Ps my huge question is where did you get your dress? I would nearly die for one of those!

Little Mrs Happy Pants says:

I buy dried beans, and soak them overnight. In the morning, I rinse them, throw them in a crock pot with water, on low for 7 hours. I freeze whatever I don't use. I love these videos.

D D says:

You can make your own plant milk it you have time. I prefer oat milk and for a sweeter milk add a medjool date then strain through a nut milk bag. You will find many recipes for plant milks online. Dates are plant based and a great way to sweeten your cooking and any baking you may try.

Cheyenne Mariah says:

Loved watching her cook videos 🌷💜

Darcie Jackson says:

Also, this lentil chili is so good! Hearty and will help keep your teenage boys full.

Darcie Jackson says:

These are the most flavorful refried beans! Everyone in my house devours them!

Cheyenne Mariah says:

Loving the consistent uploads! I love your family. God bless you today.

Poured From The Heart says:

Stuffed bell peppers. Poblano soup. Minestrone soup. There is a really healthy bok choy and mushroom soup online. Cabbage rolls. 15 bean soup. I love soups. 😂

Poured From The Heart says:

You can make zuccini,corn,cilantro,and tomato,onion served over some rice for dinner. maybe add a little tomato sauce.

Pamela Levesque says:

We love black bean burgers! Let me know if you'd like the recipe; or I'm sure there are dozens online : )

Noemi Lambert says:

Since it’s fall bean chili is great and you can add any veggies instead of meat 👍🏼

We are gluten free for the most part and I just grind oats to make oat flour so you can use that to bind homemade veggie burgers.

Y’all are a beautiful family! Pray your journey to health💗

Shannon Hazleton says:

Hey guys! I wanted to give you a tip about oatmeal- we have it three times a week (steel cut oats) and cook it in the slow cooker (instant pot on slow cook) for about about 3.5 hours starting at bedtime and then the keep warm function until the kids serve themselves in the morning…. we use about 2 cups of steel cut oats to about 1 cup almond or coconut milk, and 7 cups water. (Less water if you want it thicker) We add cinnamon. The kids add frozen fruit in the am or peanut butter. Bonus tip: rub coconut oil in the bottom of the pot before adding the milk and then oats and water- this helps it not stick. ☺️

Also, I was wondering about the impact this has had on your grocery bill- has it changed a lot?

coloradogirl11 says:

Here is a link to a recipe that my family really enjoys. We like to have it weekly.

Mindy Mueller says:

Are you still juicing? I am reading the Gerson Therapy book and plan on starting it soon. I had heard of it, but didn't know anyone who has done it. Since you all recommended it I am gonna try it.

Maria Gomez says:

I’m new in your channel I love to see how your boys help you blessd family 🌹

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