Vegetarian Diets and Health: Findings from the EPIC-Oxford Study – Prof. Dr. Timothy Key

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Recorded at VegMed 2016 / Aufgenommen beim VegMed 2016
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lucas mason says:

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June Boy says:

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Courtney Lawson says:

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Butterfly Lullaby says:

I changed my diet to Plant Based Whole Food because I did not want to be a health burden on our daughter. I am proud to say I am now Asthma free thanks to organic plants.♥️

Bhavesh Malviya says:

1 year ago i left redmeat , I now feel great

puchatek22ch says:

It’s not satisfying to hear from scientist who presents the data: “I don’t know what those metabolites do” :/ Also we should think beyond simple BMI. Muscle weights more than fat so person can be “heavy” thus with high BMI but still lean.

courag1 says:

I am completely vegan and have approximately 4-5 BMs per day. When I ate meat, I went 2 or 3 x's per week. Not only was I full of it, so is this study. Their thumb is on the scale to show that there is little if no reason to be vegan.

I got rid of my arthritis and asthma, my hyperhidrosis and high cholesterol. I had a bone which would not heal when I was on dairy. It healed after going vegan thanks to kale, the wonder food. My cognition is better since going vegan. My whole family is dead yet I am vegan and have none of the diseases they died of: breast cancer, and Alzheimer's. I will tell you that doctors like to take out organs such as the uterus, when their is no disease. If you look at whether a woman has NOT had a hysterectomy and whether she has, I look 15 years younger without having my uterus taken out then my friends who have.

I am on NO medications. Whereas people my age which is 67, in the US, average take 3 and more often, even more medications such as up to 11. So obviously I am in better health, however, we cannot hurt the feeling of the people who like good news for their bad habits. That is what this study is about.

Laura Logansmith says:

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Georganne Collett says:

theres a problem when you lump vegetarians & vegans together & even doing a study on vegans alone is problematic you really need to then also separate out bw those following the far healthier low fat whole food plant based (WFPB) diets & those who are ethical vegans, not a bit concerned about their own health….the really interesting study would include these low fat WFPB eaters, compared to those eating animals…..more & more are choosing to eat like this, so its only a matter of time before there will be large enough studies to inclyde them

im specifically mentioning LOW FAT Wfpb because even many vegans who would definitely cobsider themselves conscious of their diets, are STILL dying of heart disease, according to Dr Caldwell Esselstyn bc of their high fat diets full of nuts..nut butters.. oils…avocado …the higher fat soy products & coconut….whereas at least the low fat WFPB will generally skip oils together & be mindful to limit these other so-called 'healthier' fats

w y says:

Diet has no effect on cancer? This guy needs to see how the Gerson therapy has upwards of 50% cure rate in TERMINAL cancer patients. This guy does not deserve to be doing this lecture. Ignorant.

TST1998 says:

But if you take the vegans in your study you see 22.5% higher overall mortality rate. But you never publish this, you liar.

Chris Namaste says:

For the deaths from heart disease and stroke why didn't they factor out the vegans from the vegetarians into their own group, seems to make no sense except if not enough data/large enough sample. Also stroke is not differentiated/clarified into ischemic versus hemmoragic. If you have a processed food high salt vegan diet your chances for hemmoragic stroke are greater but ischemic is less than with standard diet.

Chris Namaste says:

Not impressed by the fact that the presenter does not understand the difference between folate (naturally present) and folic acid (man made synthetic supplement) at 21:54 (since apparently this survey did not include supplements and therefore no folic acid was being taken).

Freddie Leaf says:

This guy keeps grouping vegetarians (dairy eaters) with vegans and finding no difference. Which is bull crap. He also says “hardly anyone dues if heart disease nowadays “. What a shill!
Vegan = healthier planet, morals, spirit and body!

Jester123ish says:

For people wondering how this appears to contradict Dr Gregor and the Nutrition Facts site, you should realize that 'Vegan' is a really bad benchmark for a healthy diet, Dr Gregor promotes a WHOLE PLANT BASED diet, many otherwise Vegan diets aren't very good at all, perhaps they are ethically concerned about not killing animals without knowing how to do it right, or just deleting meat from an otherwise poor diet. It's a about time the scientific community opened their eyes to this wonderous fact and study some more meaningful distinctions.

On the subject of 'mechanisms by which a healthy diet might reduce the incidence of cancer', don't we have highly suggestive lab experiments that show that a whole plant based diet turns your blood into a powerful anti-cancer agent?

PS They had two more bowel movements per week in Vegans vs Meat Eaters?? Then their 'Vegans' are eating a diet low in fibre. Not whole plant based.

skringler says:

Why aren't the vegans in their own category???????? Rubish. Vegans don't eat eggs and cheese!!!!!!!!!

Psi Clops says:

This is a great study, but it must be supplemented by a lot of data before any conclusions can be drawn. For example, what if, in the weight gain over time category, it reflects muscle mass, with muscle mass being lost in later years due to loss of testosterone in men? In addition, maybe meat eaters tend to gain more fat, but everyone gains and loses the same amount of muscle mass, accounting for the change in steepness of the curve. I can think of a lot of factors that would influence many of these differences. The B12 difference may reflect not only B12 synthesis in vegans, but vegans may require lower levels of B12 than meat eaters. This can be true of other nutritional differences. The microbiome may be behind most of the differences, with synthesis of some vitamins lower or higher depending on the needs of the gut and other body flora rather than the needs of the human cells.

I haven't read other comments yet, but I have a wager I will make and then see if I win it (I'm betting against myself so I both win and lose regardless of the result): most of the comments will draw conclusions not warranted by the data in the study but based on their own preferences…oops. only eight comments before mine. Not enough for a real conclusion, but there is a decent amount of thoughtfulness rather than prejudice, though I see one thread is the usual bickering.

colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

so far, both the seventh day adventist health study 2 and epic oxford study find no significant differences in mortality among health conscious people whether they eat animal products or not. This epic oxford study does say vegans have less cancer, cataracts and kidney stones but vegans who are low in calcium have more fractures. For the seventh day adventist health study 2, the 4 super health conscious groups does seem to have slightly better longevity than the typical health conscious omnivore adventists. Most studies agree vegans have lower bmi so maybe vegans are sexier even if they are not living longer than health conscious omnivores.

The Artificial Society says:

Why can't they divide the vegans into two camps, high complex carb low protein low fat vs. the others.

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