3 EASY DELICIOUS Vegan Meals for £1 TESCO | Vegan on Budget

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Each meal is under £1! 3 super simple easy delicious vegan recipes from shopping at Tesco! Vegan on a budget

Grocery List

Vegan Spaghetti “Bolognaise”
Item – Full Price – Adjusted for Quantity Used
Spaghetti – 20p – 5p
Tinned Tomatoes x 2 – 72p – 72p
Aubergine (eggplant) – 70p – 35p
Tomato Puree – 50p – 10p
Onion – 15p – 15p
Carrot – 6p – 6p
Celery £1.20 – 7p
Lentils – 55p – 55p
Garlic – 30p – 5p
Total £4.02 – 61p per person

(Seasonings: Oregano, Salt&Pepper, Rosemary)

Chickpea Curry
Item – Full Price – Adjusted for Quantity Used
Chickpeas – 55p – 55p – 1 can
Tinned Tomatoes – 36p – 18p – 1/2 can
Coconut Milk – 75p -19p – 1/4 can
Onion 15p – 15p
Brown Basmati – £1 – 20p
Green Beans – 89p – 22p
Corriander – 70p – 10p
Garlic – 30p – 5p
Total £4.40 – 82p per person

(Seasonings: Madras, Chilli, Ginger, Tumeric, Mustard Seeds, Salt & Pepper)

Veg Bowl
Item – Full Price – Adjusted for Quantity Used
Black beans – 55p – 13p
Brown rice – £1 – 10p
Avocado – 53p – 13p
Cherry Tomatoes – 53p – 13p
Salad – 79p – 10p
Baby Potatoes 79p – 20p
Total £4.51 – £1.08 per person

(Seasonings: Thyme, Oregano, Salt & Pepper, Onion Salt, Garlic Granules)


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Rachel Ama says:

Let me know if you want me to turn this into a series!! Really hope this was helpful in giving a rough idea on how much vegan meals can cost! If you are in the states £1 = $1.42 and 50p = $0.71 (as I wrote this but its always fluctuating slightly. If you guys have any tips on visiting Toronto please let me now! ❤️❤️❤️

many moms says:

Great. I'm a big cook and want to eat more veggie or vegan. Very pleased I've found this channel. Thsnks

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Maiya ❤️ says:

You can have a lot when u go lidl

Saida Abdille says:

Things are more expensive now (I think)

Beckii Shaw says:

Am i the only one who worked this out to cost £2.. not £1.. and in reality you cant buy this meal for £1 or even £2.. you cant buy a quarter onion or 1/5 of a spaghetti packet.. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

English Patriot1980 says:

What are the seasonings in recipe 2?

D2 Cubes says:

Such gorgeous skin 😍

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:

Yum 😋💕

CharleyCurls.x says:

Me: watching your videos for healthy eating inspiration
Also me: rushes downstairs to grab crisps and chocolate

The goth pixie says:

I’m allergic to aubergine, could I substitute courgette for the aubergine?

Chichi Love says:

I am definitely trying ur spaghetti 😍😍


Great video, good tips. But supermarket avocados aren't vegan.

Harriet Read says:

Taking notes… can't wait to try these out at uni. Thanks!

Lil Humble says:


Lil Humble says:

She is sexy

Darkangel W says:

Thank you. I'm trying to eat healthy in this pandemic, as well, as eating cheaply

Aris Lain says:

When your allergic tomatoes

Sheena Bagga says:

watched the first 5s and I already love u

siimplyystarr says:

Today is my first day of being vegan so I'm going to make this

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