Mercedes C124 Coupe – Satisfyingly German (1995 E220 Driven)

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Turn the Mercedes W124 saloon into a pillarless coupe and it transforms into a supremely capable grand tourer that Aaron reckons is a prime example of German quality!
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Michael Schneider says:

+1. .. Impressive MY95 W124 Coupe review. .. Our MY95 W124 E-320 Coupe is a timeless design when engineers out-ranked accountants. . A beautifully proportioned old sckol coupe, yet modern in many ways; ABS, ASR, Active seat belts, Driver/Passenger Airbags, Crumple Crash Zone Chassis, 5-way multi-link rear suspension, 3.2l Inline six w/dual overhead cams, Fuel Injected, Sportline suspension, etc. .. The Coupe is a fine Road Trip cruiser . . 702 Smoke Silver metallic, 265 Creme Beige leather… it's an iconic automobile … A keeper! Cheers, Vail, Colorado

derin111 says:

I’ve owned over 70 older BMWs and Mercedes in my time.
One of the best cars I’ve owned was a C124 230CE….conversely, probably the worst car I ever owned was a 300CE. LOL!

Kishan Kantelia says:

When cars had souls 😍

madmaxxxxxxxxxx says:

I like you. Great job. Calm. Composed. The right choice of words…

Antonio Calimero says:

From 90 to 92 are the best and most worth in the future.

Im Azfa says:

Old is gold. Not the same with current model Benz. 😆

Mr Martin says:

Perfect title – for this car 👍

Allan Prits says:

Nice video and great looking car. The background music sounds like it belongs to a, ahem, film for the discerning gentleman from the 70s though lol. First thing I'd do if I were to buy one if these would be to change the diff oil and all fluids. I had a 190E many moons ago, bought at 83k miles with a full MBSH and within 10k it needed new diff, camshaft, valves, followers, stem seals…bit of an expensive nightmare. I'd have CE though..just inspect it more thoroughly and take paperwork with a pinch of salt. Edit only one for sale on Autotrader at the mo. Red.

Acarsguy says:

Stunning car, one I have always wanted. I did have a 1993 W124 230E for a while. Adored that car. Sadly a combination of rust (major) and a blown head gasket killed it. The C124 is on my radar however

dalibor says:

great review

Matthew Bell says:

Old school Mercedes built like a tank but…. when they break the costs are horrific…

dont subscribe says:

Camerawork is impressive! Good job sir 👍🏻

paul taylor says:

Lovely Jubbly, enjoyed that but could be a bit longer and more detailed.

Ned kelly says:

Love these cars

Liam Griffin says:

Peddled an E220 coupe for many years with my '94; only thing I could do was upgrade to my E320 Sportline Cabriolet, and more than 200,000 miles later it is still a joy! Insured with Lancaster 🙂

Richard Bullock says:

Always liked these old 124 coupes. Maybe one day I will actually bite the bullet and get one.

Ruairi McCarthy says:

Beautiful looking car Timeless Classic

Alan B says:

Always liked these

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