Top20 Countries with Highest Vegetarian Population Timeline | Most Vegetarian Eaters | Vegan | Diet

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This video show the comparison of top 20 countries with the highest vegetarian population, Who eats most non-meat product.

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Master Junky says:

So proud my country is so vegetarian 🇮🇹

Akshay Kumar says:

I'm also vegetarian, say krsnatarian. Hare Krishna

A A says:

2004 ..bjp loose ..HINDU diclining …. just watch veg.people u get it .
2014 …bjp win …hindu uprising

vikas kate says:

In 90's 72-75% Indians are vegetarian but sadly vegetarian percentage continuously decrease

sumanth 10 says:

No muslim countries allowed in these area

Lochan R says:

I am pure vegetarian indian

Jai Sanatana Dharma 🙏

V.K. Sharma says:

Where is nepal in this list ? I think more than 60% nepal population is veg them why you didn't count them ?

Aryan Verma says:

Insan bejubano pr itna atyachar kr rha hai

Mimiko says:

Wait… There's vegans in the Philippines? lmao. We all omnivores here. There's no herbivores. 😂

Harman Singh says:

I am vegeretarin Sikh from India 🇮🇳

K shiva says:

One Islam country is also not there 😏😏

War Gaming official says:

This is wrong information 60% indian people are vegetarian

Amit Thakur says:

I am vegetarian 🌱 weight lifter 🏋️‍♀️ national champion

Mukesh Kumat says:

I am pure vegetarion hindu from india

Sandeep Kumar says:

No country can defeat India. Proud to be Indian and being a vegetarian by birth.😍🇮🇳

Raunak Gupta says:

For culture

Raunak Gupta says:

Am indian but i hate india

Raunak Gupta says:

Proud to be a non vegetrain

sword warrior 💛✨ says:

in all statistics china is in 1st or 2nd or 3rd to 5th but where is china here 🤔🤔😂😂😂

Victory Valtryek says:

america life sact 265 make it possible upto some extinct

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