Vegetarian Food in Japan I Top 10 must try Vegetarian Dishes of Japan

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I spent two weeks in Japan eating all the amazing vegetarian food. To my surprise, I found many options.

This is the first vlog of my Japan series and its about Vegetarian food in Japan. With a little knowledge about the overall food culture and cuisines, I could try many dishes. So, in this video, I tried covering all that and also some tips and apps.

In the end, I have also added some dishes with egg (Mostly sweets )

Below is the list of places, I dined at

Khana khaja Indian Nepali Asian dining & bar – Indian food
Taiyo no Tomato men – Cheese Ramen
Farmer’s Kitchen – local Japanese Food

Bento Box bought from Shinjuku station.

Hotel Hakuba – Japanese Breakfast and Dinner (Buffet)

Maharaja – Indian food

Mimikou – Udon
Machiya – Okonomiyaki

Takomi – Okonomiyaki

Alladin Indo Restaurant – Indian Food

I hope this video comes handy whenever you plan to Travel to Japan.

If you have any food-related questions, Please feel free to write them in the comments section. I will try to answer them as per my best knowledge.

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Shot on iPhone 8 plus ( going with the logic that best camera is always whats there in your hand)


Video edited by:

Yours truly Swati Chaturvedi ( me )


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Final Cut Pro X & Photoshop


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Nepali Rider Sandip says:

Now I know how you are gaining weight 🤣. No offend just saying

Eyunni Sundararajan says:

I like only vegetarian. Ia a South Indian Brahmin. Excellent post.

balaakshaya suresh says:

Do nagaoya have any vegetarian restaurants??


It's there any restaurent in Tokyo that specify have this food dishes make as vegan not like ready made given and think like it's vegan but not actually it is.


I want to go nice thanks for making vedio but I didn't see vedio so excuse me so I can see vedio

chiru raj says:

are there pure vegetarian hotels or shops in Japan

Pabbisetty Ravindranath says:

Nice video madam . so nice vegetarian food also available in Japan

Ravi: A Modern Epic says:

Another tip is to look for Shojin Ryori, Japanese temple food. There are some amazing vegan dishes/meals I stumbled on asking around for shojin ryori cuisine. I want to go back to Japan so bad haha.

Band Baretha says:

Yoi jiken …

H O P E says:

Thanks mam, as a pure veg I doubt if I can travel to Japan. But this video makes me happy :^).

Ajay Shukla says:

Mai bohot garib hu, face bhi lagbhag waisa hi hai, Mai Ghar par khud banakar pictures share karunga, background me Tokyo ki image lagaunga.

Baburao says:

Seems like you are pure vegetarian

Sheetal Verma says:

This was really nice now i can think of going to japan.
I am not a vegan but eat saatvik food. Japanese dont really seem to have a lot of milk food items like we have, thats alright i will take my personal curd and can drink milk separately there.

Vegan seems delicious, japanese culture is very foreign to me but these vegan versions of them would be enough to make me taste real japanese food.

I always wanted to try ramen the one which is made in japan, by the japanese with raw japanese products and not the top ramen that we get in india.

Though i dont like miso much, it tasted sour but i will manage. I always wanted to visit japan once.

Yaayyyy!!! I will add japan to my tourism list now. Thank god they have such options for indian tourists like me.❣️❣️❣️😋😋😋 i am really gonna try this mochi/moshi thing. It looks very delicious.

priya gupta says:

Most of the veg food items must be having eggs , right ?

Chill BEATS says:

I am 16 and planning to go japan on my 18th birthday for solo trip 🤍

Balasubramanya K Manya good says:

Good luck I love you

Kavya Saravagi says:

Thanks for this, I am visiting my fiancee in Japan in coming months. This really helps, wanted to surprise him with my knowledge and did not wanted to trouble in finding veggie food for me.

the shroman says:

I am a pure veg ,can I survive there?!😁

Avinash Sahu says:

do you find kohei there?

Avinash Sahu says:

do japnese also come there for trying indian dishes

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