Vegetarian gluten free, no egg lasagna

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Do you like sweet potato, do you like eggplant? Then look no further, this vegetarian lasagne will be amazing. Forget that it’s egg less and gluten free, it’s just as amazing! It’s made with layers of eggplant, sweet potato, mushroom, fresh basil, Parmesan, ricotta cheese and a delish tomato sauce. Topped with mozzarella cheese and browned in the oven. Make a batch today, healthy, no gluten and no eggs. Enjoy my vegetarian lasagne. For completely vegetarian, but vegetarian cheese alternatives.

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Suhas Abhyankar says:

I watch your receipes for your collection of cooking utensils as well 😊😊

Obito xshinobi says:

love lasagna

Grace Ratahi says:

Could you add lasagne pasta sheets to this meal and if so then what order would you put it in with the assemble? Also, is the tomato sauce spicy with the oregano spice? Thanks 🙂

Karunya Narayanan says:

This food is sensational and keeping me sane during lockdown. Thank you to the chef…this is the content we NEED!

Phillips Mom says:

Yummy 👍😀

nastya issor says:

A work of art!

R Sawyers says:

Dude that is one sexy dish. I’m definitely going to make that. Yum 😋

Maria Schwartz says:

This is more of an eggplant parmigiana than a lasagna.

Harris Molla says:


William Fluck says:

So Joel I found the market that sells canned cherry tomatoes, Lidl, I think they are from the UK, now in my town. I made this, What A Feast & So Delicious, all the ingredients truly complement each other, Thanks Again For Sharing!!


Gently sweat? hmmm … I do that everytime I watch ur yummy videos brother✌🏽&💜

Clara Vela says:

Beautiful music.

Clara Vela says:

Absolutely delicious.

Love Bean says:

That's Patlidzan Musaka. 🙂

Sharon Daly says:

Thank you for filming this beautiful dish with such love and respect for the food…. I was mesmerised to say the least!!! Im cooking it for friends and family this evening, if it looks anything like yours i will be over the moon!

Shag says:

Wow super healthy and tasty looking recipe. Thank u so much.😊👌❤🌹

Nanan Mardiana says:

Liked by lulu RusbandiRusman ThanksFor Sharing Nice inEverything

Maria Spiteri says:

Awesome. Mouth watering. You are a fantastic chef. Unique. Well done. Wow wow wow

Kathy Allam says:

Am swaying to the beat and my mouth is watering! All is missing is a cocktail 🍹🙂!

shreelakshmy .moorthy says:

Wow so easy … 😍😘

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