Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers Recipe – by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 91

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Karen Jatana says:

What kind of mushrooms did you use for this recipe?

Karya C says:

Looks delicious answered a few questions I had so thanks for sharing, could you use something in place of rice (?) Thanks Kerry (uk)

Blacksmith says:

Of course you're going g to say it tastes good… you baked it

Cyn lo says:

Can we use cucumbers instead of zucchini?

Chris M says:

looks good gotta try it

Daniel Kemp says:


Dawn Campbell says:


angelina says:

if you precook your peppers for 3 min. in boiling water and skip the foil it takes only 15 min. to cook in the oven. save the energy, be smart!

Monica Gonzalez says:

Excelentes recetas pero sería posible en español

Jeff Fearnow says:

Can I make this a day in advance and reheat it the day I'm serving it?

tiggasmum says:

Looks yummy, but is not vegetarian if it has parmigiano-Riggiano included, you would need to use a vegetarian alternative….

Emily Von Spears says:

So nice of Laura to think of her veggie viewers.

alyson says:

I made this and it tasted very good

alyson says:

I'm a vegetarian this helps a lot I wish she did more vegetarian videos.

alyson says:

I love when she cooks it helps me a lot and I love watching her cooking.

Mariam Cass says:

i wish laura had more vegetarian and vegan recipes 💖💖💖

Rebecca Simmons says:

I made this today. Substituted rice for quinoa, and goat cheese for the parmesan cheese. I also left out the Thyme. You were right Laura, I didn't miss the meat one bit. Thanks for the recipe.

Shazeen Farooqi says:

What would be a substitute for mushrooms???

Gluko Peponi says:

Make Greek gemista!

My Mini's & Me says:

Love this will have to try and I like the idea of giving the pepper feet 😉

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