6 Warming Soups and Stews

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Good after noon
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Dharamraj Meena says:

Ek fraud company hai yah logon se paise lekar like bolata hai ismein bahut badi money-laundering ki hai

riely ederson says:

Chicken noodle soup with soda on the side…😜😜

Maja Palm says:

I made the vegetarian one, delicious. I am so happy that you have branched out to healthier alternatives, instead of just making meat/cheese-based dishes

ᵇᵒᵒᵐ says:

It's Ramadan and I'm torturing myself here

Lemon Pep says:


8 year olds:
I am 8 and I say the 2nd one was inappropriate for kids because it has red wine

Leon Jakiśtam says:

Im sooo hungry 🙁

Mr_Kirb says:

The first one is pretty good, although i didn't use mushrooms for mine

Ethan John Lagera says:

Beef stew and bread bowl's stew is same as one filipino dish almost

hiiro says:

does anyone know the name of the song?

Bhavs says:

Only silent that doesn't have hellish music in the background <3

Vaheeda Basheer says:

try to make pani puri

Novi Supriani says:

i like these recipes❤

Edel Noble says:

Holy bay leaf сука блять

Jude Dallo says:

For the 2nd one you forgot to remove your bay leaf

Aaaa Bbbb says:

1:06 mmmm that looks delicious

1:19 shit I am not 21 years old yet

Thdjfk Ndjdkfir says:

So much of veggies…nah I don't want it

Ieatcatz says:

thats not the faking way to do meat balls

Bibu no surname says:

Alws beef f** off

Michael The Cringe says:


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