Easy Veggie Dal Stew | Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipe

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A warming, hearty veggie stew made with split yellow peas, mushrooms, and peppers in a creamy tomato and coconut milk broth slightly spiced. A healthy take on an easy vegan lentil dall recipe.

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FULL RECIPE HERE:: http://bit.ly/2gT4OWa


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Miss Lee says:

I'm eating and watching this but it's making me hungry all over again

Donna Berriault says:

This weekend, I made this, It was really good. Thanks for the recipe

bonnie cerulo says:

why call it lentil stew there's no lentils

aditha sriramoju says:

Please do what I eat in a camping

Fatematuz Zaharah says:

I have a cholesterol issues so cant add coconut milk, is there anything i can use as a substitute of coconut milk?

Lynne Hammonds says:

So where is the lentils?

alianaquintero says:

This looks very delicious and I will for sure give it a try but I'm confused as to why you called it lentils but used split peas, they are from the same family but definitely different!

Carlin Singer says:

How many ounces are in your can of crushed tomatoes? I used a 28-oz can and it seemed like a lot of liquid.

Lauren Burrows says:

Substitute for coconut milk? I hate coconut milk

KarolinasKrafts says:

would love a video on how you edit your videos. more specifically, how did you keep a yellow background when you were cooking? it loooks amazing !

Alina Mayer says:

I tried this recipe for lunches at work and it was so good! I substituted the mushrooms for finely chopped carrots because I didn't have any πŸ™‚

Janet’s Planet says:

Thank you for the stew recipe. I've made it 3 times so far and my fiancΓ© and I both love it! It's super filling too!

Caroline Alwehammar says:

Oh my godness that looks delicious, have to try it!

Karen Medina says:

I love veggie stew

Akilah Porter says:

Sounds and looks absolutely delicious!!! Will be making that very soon!! Excited to see how mine turns out.

Maribella Rami says:

I'm already loving it !! πŸ˜›

Lakshmi Venkat says:

Am from India and we call this kind of preparation as Dal. Nothing wrong in making it this way.
But if you have a pressure cooker u need not wait for so long.
U just put everything in it in one go and leave it for 3 pressure whistles and there u go. Effortless yummy Dal.

GleemYT says:

This was so yummy. i replaced the mushrooms with courgette s my partner hates mushrooms. thanks x

rodlyne00 says:

making this tonight 😊😊

Ilse says:

It looks great! I have to try this!

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