Everything Wrong With Our Bentley Turbo R – Money Pit or Miracle…?

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Our Bentley Turbo R seems in reasonable condition, but we decided to take it to someone who knows these cars inside out for an in-depth inspection…
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Hugh-John Fleming says:

The 'Turbo R' is a marvelous car, an almost stealthy luxury now, that requires your attention and some resources. Sadly, they were largely purchased new by people that did not maintain them. All things of quality, a fine motorcar to a good pair of shoes, need the attention of the owner. This is why some of us make these investment in quality.

richards9407 says:

Good vid. (If that makes sense)

pip333333 says:

An interesting video — if that makes sense!!

Exemplify says:

I found one fault, your windscreen wipers are on continuously

Mark's Cars says:

I need to have one of these in my life at some point.

Rob falcon says:

That makes sense

Eldon Tyrell says:

Lovely old car. I do prefer the Rolls Royce SZ cars to the Turbo R these days though.

Matthew Godwin says:

You have to be very brave indeed to buy a cheap (ish) Bentley sight unseen over the interwebs. Seems to have paid off though. Not really my cup of tea, but I will concede that it is rather glorious. Bet you have some fun driving around in this during summer.

DTK says:

Sounds like a total sieve, all those leaks

Sanjeev Chaddha says:

Phew the car is a goodun

Philipp Bretzler says:

At the end it's not only a legend but a car. Rust is a no go. Have a look to a 30 year old Audi. Fully galvanized.

Michael Campbell says:

As a owner of a 1990 Turbo R its interesting to see the pressure testing on the hydraulic sphere system.

Kenneth Wood says:

Excellent! I have a 96 and have owned it for 10 years and it's never let me down once. Recently completed a 2,650 miles journey over 4 days west coast to east and it never missed a beat. Averaged 21mpg. Love my old Bentley!

J Hunt says:

A 97k car with 47k on the clock and it's not fairing up very well

lu tomson says:

Money pit..had one, fix one problem another, brakes suspension, wiring, the list goes on and on

Robin Dow says:

Message for Paul. Any thoughts about Classics World running a Audi 80 Citroen GS or VW 1600 variant ? Memories of the past.

Andrew Clark says:

A ‘tidal wave on wheels’ – #Car mag said in GBU years ago & so true 👌

dee106ful says:

Dodged a bullet……a few bits going bad but common for all cars. Main issue is the rust.

Xtiano sickboy says:

Does that make sense?

Ray Purchase says:

I'd love one of these cars but I'm frightened to buy one. Just in case.

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