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I was vegan for three years, and my health did not improve at all. I was getting fatter, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were worsening. I ate a vegan diet full of unhealthy, processed foods like fake meats and cheeses, and lots of added oil. Then I finally learned that an actual healthy vegan diet consisted of whole, unprocessed plant foods, and my health improved dramatically. My energy was through the roof and I’ve never felt better before in my life.


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Jerry Rockstone says:

100% agree same happen to me..the worst part I became binge eater .. especially at sugar because I need energy…

Eve Destruction Broadcasting says:

Yeah, can't expect different results doing the same thing. Admittedly, I'm a vegan who eats lots of those faux meats and I cook with lots of oil. Doesn't matter what kind of oil. The reason I switched was morality. I later learned it fits in well with my spirituality as well. And not long after that, I discovered it's better for the environment as well.

I certainly don't notice much change in my energy. Didn't need to lose any weight, but I maintain my weight. I'm not any stronger than I was. The only physical difference I notice is my increased tendency to become aggressive, and massively increased libido. I blame that on my heightened testosterone levels. It's no secret that animal products lower men's T-levels and heighten their Estrogen levels. After a year, I'm still working on reigning in my aggression levels and stronger more frequent sexual urges. I'm making progress, but I'm certainly not perfect.

My mental change is probably the greatest change. I no longer have the guilt I used to carry for intentionally contributing to the death and suffering in the world. I always knew eating meat was a pretty gross thing to do, since it came from a dead animal, but boy do I realize it ever more now! But it's great, I can finally be at peace with myself and my life choices, at least concerning how they affect the rest of the world. How they affect me, though……. I think I'll have to go whole-food vegan eventually to change that

Courtney Lawson says:

Probase Nutrition is my go to place for any vegan protein powders.

One Guy Named Ivan says:

I can't tell if vegan men are just gay, or there's something wrong with their hormones.

Euan Williams says:

When you mention you went for vegan alternatives that is the problem they are full of saturates and fat. If you have those things far less and more plant based alternative like legumes for protein fortified cereals that that's where the health benefits come from

Enrique Rick Ramirez says:

I Know How You Feel. I Feel Worse I'm Low On b12. Any Information Would Be appreciated

minister jap says:

I love when you tell the truth.

Bubba the Self says:

IMO, the processed vegan phase was an important phase for you (doesn't need to be for everyone). Who knows, if you had gone directly from meat eating to the clean whole plant food vegan diet, you might have only lasted 2 days! Human beings can take a while to truly change their core primal habits and transitions are useful. Your processed vegan diet oof 3 years was an important transitionary phase between the meat phase and the whole plant food vegan diet. It would have been much more of a shock for your brain/body to go from meat eating to clean vegan eating. There needs to be a transition phase and even if it was unhealthy and bad for you, you needed that experience to learn the lesson and go to the next level. Each step is necessary in the process and an important part of your change and growth as it takes place. So no harm done in the end.

Kathy Liebelt says:

As a former mentor on Challenge 22+, I do think that the "fake" processed foods are good to transition for people who want to try. I heard repeatedly that they couldn't give up cheese. But, like Dillon, after almost 4 years, I am still fat. I am finally ready to go WFPB. I found out that giving up oil was quite easy (just more home cooking – that is the drawback and that is why I love this channel).

Olivia Fagin says:

Whole foods for my health, plant-based for the health of the animals and the planet.

Niranjan Bendre says:

Can you please share your before and after blood work comparison in a video?

I hope you go to Asiana in Glendale. Great variety of vegetables and fruits. There are bulk spices (I like Laxmi for single MDH for mixes), legumes and grains.

thinkin outloud says:

So glad you are emphasizing this misunderstanding on the part of non- vegans and newbies

Mrs Plant says:

GREAT intro and points. HUGS!

Kate Barton says:

Couldn’t have said it better! I watch your videos in the morning to get me inspired for the day.

Brenda Abruzzese says:

Such a great video Dillon ,I totally related ( and did) this also😁learning and practici g the right way now!

Simone Gisondi says:

You are the PERFECT example of what most people do – they give up far too soon, thereby interfering with the process of cleansing which is what the body does. Also, to transition to veganism, it must be done only as fast as your body allows and to do that properly you need to be in touch with your body and listen to the feedback it gives you.
I transitioned from a SAD diet to a fully raw vegan diet, and sure I went through the healing process which did NOT feel good at all – but when I got to the other side….oh how good I felt!
You need to empower people to have the strength to see things through instead of giving up so soon.
The process of healing – which NEVER feels good – is the same whether you’re transitioning to a vegan diet or healing from surgery – the body must do what is natural to it.
Giving birth hurts too but you don’t see people not having kids. If the fear of what doesn’t feel comfortable was to have won, mankind would’ve never survived.

flufftronable says:

you should consider the starch solution

Popel Grüner says:

Standard US problem. I am German/EUropean. I learned how to cook from scratch without using all those magic little helpers you depend on. I feel sorry for you.

Ray Radiance says:

It can certainly be with plenty of protein rich legumes, lentils, whole starches and non starchy veggies.

Joe Noffsinger says:

RIGHT ON TARGET! You are so correct as by definition vegans can eat French fries and drink coke. So many negative comments out there about Veganism and partly justified. The extreme examples of veganism are worse than the SAD diet. I look forward to your videos talking about the Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPBD).

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