Vegan Chocolate Cake/gluten free, refined sugar free: Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

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Here it is finally, after many years of trying to make the perfect healthy Plant Based Vegan chocolate cake without it tasting like a healthy cake and I know you all know what I mean there. You can either eat a vegan cake that isn’t necessarily good for you or you can eat a cake that looks like a cake but tastes like a healthy cake. Can’t we just eat our cake and not feel guilty about eating it or needing to take a nap an hour later? Yes you can! This cake will make you feel like you are cheating but trust me, it’s all goodness.

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What we use in our Kitchen:
Blendtec Professional 800:
Stainless Steel Drinking Straws:
Silicone Bread Pans:
Cuisinart Food Processor:
Citrus Juicer:
Sari Nutritional Yeast:
Dutch Oven:
Salad Spinner:

Organic Onion Powder:

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Vegan Marina says:

Excuse me Mrs. Jill Dalton, I’m sorry if you are busy there, may I have a question? I can’t take here a banana flour so may I use like a rice flour, chickpea flour or almond flour ? 🤔

sandra ida says:

What's the purpose of the green banana flour? In what way does it work well in this recipe? 🙂

스테파니 Stephanie 조셉 says:

You always have the best recipes!💗

Garden Jen's Journey says:

This looks great. What's the reason for the vinegar? I don't use vinegar to cook with, so looking for an alternative.

C A says:

I love your hair like that, makes ya look younger and looks so good on ya!

Workout With Nekeisha says:

I will definitely try this recipe

Cathy Johnston says:

I made this cake, but used canned pumpkin instead of sweet potato. Also I didn’t frost it. It was easy and great tasting. A nice guilt free treat!

Jenny says:

Definitely going to make this cake next time I make a cake.

Alinarea Sufletului says:

Could this be made for Baby also?

Deb C says:

Green bananas are used in many savory dishes.

Michelle P says:

I'm not familiar with the flour subs… could I use regular baking flour? (Not gf)

Geraldine Evans says:

I would love your recipes I wanted to go volunteer based vegan

Geraldine Evans says:

I would love recipe food plant based food am trying to go planted based vegan

tamia11 falanna says:

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 cake Looks delicious! What a pretty dress!! Thanks on tip for drying out sweet potatoes and grounding into flour, Because I haven’t seen sweet potato flour be4

Anette C Carlstrom says:

This is Really Fantastic Cake! Thank You from Sweden! Happy to have found this channel! 🌟👌❤️ Merry Christmas!

Butterflyneverlands says:

Fabulous recipe 🎉🎉🎉🎉
I wonder if it’d work with oat flour.

Butterflyneverlands says:

Dreaming of a recipe for vegan panettone 😁

daniel pincente says:

in 2017 you had 10K and now you have over 200K – amazing! Love your channel and thanks for the great content.

Stephanie Treasure says:

I eat raw, plant-based quite a bit. In terms of equipment (not necessarily dedicated to raw, plant-based eating), I have invested in a Vitamix and a food processor. I haven't invested in a dehydrator because I am not committed to being fully raw. But you mentioned that you used one to dehydrate your sweet potato. Curious, what else do you use your dehydrator for?

Williams Children says:

btw me and my fam are vegan.

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