WHAT I EAT IN A DAY AS A MODEL (easy, healthy, vegetarian meals)

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peachy girl says:

🥞 😂I'm a bit late

Pen Island says:

Hmm… How can I get people to watch my video? I know! I can make the thumbnail a picture of me in my underwear!


Keto pancakes suck

Andréa Laverdière says:


Camo Dior says:

Where’d she get that water bottle from?

adixra says:

Those chicken tenders tho they are amazing

Safieh T says:

Dear if I eat as much as you did I would gain 100 pounds.

Kristen Kubek says:

What brand espresso machine is that?

ana goginashvili says:

somebody tell me whats her weight?and height?

Khushbu Bhakta says:

U should add cinnamon to the pancake mix

Breea G says:

I honestly love that this video actually includes healthy eating because I watch other what I eat in a days and they always make me feel like I am wayyyy over eating.

Dimitris says:

A bit ugly face for a model…

Jurga Vaitkute says:

Go vegan, it will help

Hummingbirds Nest says:

where did you get your water bottle?

Izzy Mae Lloyd says:

Amazing video really enjoyed it xx

Kaja says:

you didn't froth the milk correctly :////

Emeli Tran says:

lol you’re so silly and cuteee 😂

a sagittarius first says:

You kinda look like mandy Moore

SF Vibe Beats says:

Someone catfished me on hinge using your photos 😭

Mo Few says:

For a second I thought she was Blair Waldorf

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