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We all like to think we’re special and unique but unfortunately for soup its not the case. 🙁 There is a formula to soup, lucky for us. These fundamental rules make it super easy for us to make amazing soup every time!! We hope this can help you on your souper culinary adventure!!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Anonymous says:

Good man 👨

Sumaira Siddiqui says:


AaliYah Tova says:

You guys are the best!!! 👍😀👍

Mercedess Ali says:

1 comment~ Subscribed ✅

Prince Cooper says:

By this tutorial…I oozed out gallon of saliva…🤤

John Zmurko says:

I Love You Guys!! I tried the soup and it was DELISH Keep up the good work!

Bindiya says:

Literally these guys are 2 of my favorite chefs (aside from Pick up Limes channel). Love the 2 friends!! So funny and authentic!

Janet Monahan says:

You guys are the cutest. I love watching you two cook.You have some delicious recipes. Keep cooking and I'll keep watching.

mauricio urdiales says:

These guys seem to be slightly annoyed with eachother

shiloh kimball says:

These guys missed the one big way to get the best flavor. Create a sofrito. Use it as your base and then you can brown the veggies at the end. A sofrito is useful in any cuisine you choose. I always deglaze the pan.

rumahhafidzah bekasi says:

Rule for soup: throw everything into a pot and wait for 30 minute

SunRae* ** says:

Great soup tips. I love using tomato paste in the base and a ton of cayenne pepper.

cairn4095 says:

Tanks for sharing ya'll are awesome!!

Baldina Molino says:

Excellent video from my fav pea(i)r!

shams ruhe says:

thanks for all the beautiful content!

evelyn baron says:

I am spreading the word about you guys; I have a few friends who are natural foodies like me and also vegan. I love the way you created the taxonomy of soup; it was great. I was taught to begin everything with a mirepoix unless making a gumbo where you substitute green bell pepper for the carrot; I think it's super important to begin with a pre-heated pan especially if you're not cooking with oil. I really like blended soups; but then there are those minestrone/gumbo chunky versions as well. I found this epic vegan Indian cookbook and just got addicted to garam masala flavoured carrot/red lentil soup and have been experimenting with it every since. My favorite mistake (favorite guy I lived with) took an hour to cook anything — I include scrambled eggs — I will always love him and he is my best friend but cooking does not have to take an inordinate amount of time as you guys make so manifestly clear. He was Irish too so laugh and have great memories. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Cheers! The only thing I am not crazy about is coconut milk; I soak almonds or walnuts or use tahini and it works for me. Tx you guys!!!

hazel coate says:

we love Massama stew

Gabby Neufeld says:

I just found your YouTube channel a couple days ago and I cannot get enough of you both. I really enjoy your what I eat in a day vids btw. Much love from Canada

Laura GoesGreen says:

Thank you 🙂 Im looking forward to winter 🙂

Vilma Bock says:


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