Vegans In Ancient Times | The History of Veganism Part One

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How far back does the vegan lifestyle reach? Is veganism a modern-day invention? Were there vegans in ancient times? In this first edition of The History of Veganism series, we look back- way back- to ancient times, staring 9,000 years ago to trace the roots of veganism to their very source. For complete citations and further reading, see the blog post for this video:

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Were there vegans in ancient times
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Non-injury to all living beings is the only religion:
Vegans: answering the “canine” question for over 2,000 years:
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VIDEO CONTENTS: Click on a time stamp to jump to that marker-

00:00 Lead-in with joke (of course)
00:23 Intro & excuses
01:40 The EPIC title
01:50 Humans didn’t always eat meat
03:17 Terminology- vegan/vegetarian
04:13 Earliest evidence of veg-life 7,000BCE
05:15 Laws of Manu
05:49 c.1440 BCE Book of Genesis
06:17 1380-1362- Akhenten Egyptian Pharaoh
06:43 c1040-970 BCE Psalms
07:06 950BCE- Solomon:
07:38 Jainism
08:41 786-746BCE Book of Hosea
08:58 740 BCE Book of Isaiah
09:28 The Yogashastra (c, 500BCE)
10:09 Homer’s Odyssey
10:36 C. 600BCE Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha)
11:16 The Japanese Emperor Tenmu
11:28 Greco-Roman Times
11:38 The Greco-Roman diet
11:51 570 BCE to 495 BCE Pythagorus
13:43 490BCE Empedocles
14:07 c.428BCE Plato & the NeoPlatonists
15:31 248-322 BCE: Aritstotle
15:46 c. 372-c. 287 BCE Theophrastus
16:22 In 334 BCE Zeno of Citium (Stoicism)
16:44 304 BCE – 232 BCE lived The Buddhist emperor Ashoka
17:04 206 BCE–220 CE TOFU IS CREATED!
17:19 60 and 30 BCE Diodorus of Sicily writes Bibliotheca historic
17:33 43BCE Poet Ovid
17:47 Seneca (c. 4 BCE-65 CE)
18:00 46CE: Plutarch
18:40 205CE Plotinus
19:06 216–276 CE Manichaeism
19:30 234- 305 CE Porphyry
20:20 Incredible “vegan” debate from 2,000+ years ago
21:40 Wrap up [Finally!]
21:59 Nugget Production Time
22:58 Out-takes

Music: “Roads That Burned Our Boots” by Jahzarr under creative commons license 3.0


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Precious G says:

Thank you so much for including the verse Genesis 1:29-31. I have been having this argument with my mother for months. I was telling her the truth of what it meant but she kept saying that we are supposed to eat meat 🙄. Been vegan since 2018 and wish I wasn't so brain washed to do it sooner.

Stryker says:

It got a start in India TBH Dharmic Principles u know…

T W says:

I began vegan because of pain( injustice and I couldn’t be myself ( i didn’t know how to refuse saying no

The Counselor says:

First tirthankara of Jainism is the oldest of this topic. His name is Adeshwar/Adinath. His father was a global ruler who followed vegetarianism. You can study those scrolls. 👍

Deepak Malik says:

Proud to be the part of country where most no. Of vegetarians live…PROUD of Hindu culture

Jared Kaye says:

I told the cashier at Aldi that Socrates and Pythagoras were vegan and she became enlightened!!!

Marie Lindblom says:

Why put country music as background music?

SirenoftheVoid says:

It's comforting to see that veganism dates so far back in time. It is great warms my heart.

Sailesh Mepani says:

last post was 5 years ago damn!!!!! Are we for real as humans!!!!! youtube has given us all a platform to communicate very quickly, but youtube also blocks content it doesn't feel right for the current political climate or world agenda, we click on so many videos on evidence of videos we see against what we have been tought , cats and dogs living in harmony, tigers living with humans etc. Our conditioning becomes our belief, our conduct is our reality humans have forgotten how to learn for themselves but rely on social validity to feel appreciation, this conduct with be the death spiral of humanity!!!!! I personaly

Sumit Mazumdar says:

Thanks for your efforts

Marie Ciello says:

I loved her thanks for sharing!

M. D. Morin says:

God I wish Patreon existed when Emily was creating these.

Dana Rox says:

Well said, all my appreciation!

Jeff Duvall says:

Genesis 1 29 —- "Behold i shall give unto every plant and tree upon the earth they shall bare you seed and fruit, this shall be your food.

pants13 says:

Have recently started to look into stoicism but was unaware of the founders appeal to veganism

RAAD Masters says:

Meat eating isn't evolution; it's evil-ution

João Silva says:

great video!

Shilpa Pandit says:

Great video 🙏🙏🙏oldest vegan diet been suggested for human by tirtankara in Jain🙏🙏🙏

bikash rai says:

Deep research

ray Shi says:

humans are NOT meant to eat eggs and dairy. but because our bodies do better with plants, also taking out meat is the best choice for every single human (unless you live in a desert region that is poorer.

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