Damn Good Vegan Meals in UNDER 15 MINUTES | 3 Easy Vegan Recipes 🎉

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Squishy Time says:

Wow these all look great and so simple! Can’t wait to try them! And I love your eating reactions 😁

prungvijit ปรุงวิจิตร says:

Thanks a lot 🙂 I have many ideas to make my dinner

Taylor Dottie says:

I'm so impressed! I want to try ALL of those recipes–especially the "crabcakes". I love your videos!

Tooda Doo says:

I'm wondering if this video was a sign or maybe just random youtube pop up but I swear this is how I feel about a certain someone my soul says run but I never listen and when together all goes wrong. So does anyone think good was talking to me?? I just have a hard time letting go because I live them so much but the feeling isn't mutual.

Angie B. says:

You are so seriously amazing! Your positivity, your passion for veganism, and your creative delicious meals have changed my life….especially in the kitchen. Thank you so much! So happy I found you.

KC Caille says:

I love your recipes. ❤️

Epoxy Ninja says:

She recks it with the lime

Robin Nicole says:

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Donna Rapp says:

I am not currently vegetarian or vegan… However, that has been my desire; to take better care of my body and let it heal from the inside out through the foods I eat. I just DIDN'T know how, especially that I do not care for cooking all that much. I Know it's a blessing I found this channel. I am about to dive in headlong! Pray for me ya'll!

Ms. P Pettigrew says:

Ohh yes babe! I'm trying these.

Bertanya's Big-Heart says:

Thank you thank you so much practical simple yet nutritious! You are a God send!

MoonStar2154 says:

I would have really liked your channel if you dropped the word 'damn'. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Read your Bible Exodus 20:6. Being a vegan doesn't mean anything unless you have a pure mind and heart especially where respecting the name of God is concerned.

ohminhollyshit says:

Now I’m hungry

ohminhollyshit says:

I’m definitely doing these

Toby G says:

Looks great- won't take me 15 minutes but I'll try

Isla Oscar says:

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Chef Sevenroses says:

Watch my vegan dishes cauliflower steak on my channel! 😋👆

Johanna Jahel Pineda Valerio says:

I am so grateful to see this xoxoxo

Diana Elizabeth says:

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Racquel Cooks says:

Quick recipes looks absolutely delicious

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