Magnum Ice Cream: Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle & Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Review

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This is a taste test/review of Magnum Ice Cream in two varieties including Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle and Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle.
* The Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle was $4.99 at Kroger. They are 140 calories each.

* The Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle was $4.49 at Kroger. They are 260 calories each.

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Sabariah Mohamed says:

I Don't know how to pick the mini truffle or double truffle

Linda Begovich says:

OMG The Magnum vanilla ice cream bars are my absolute favorite. We will see what you think of these flavors.

S Dog says:

4 bites and its gone 😭

Jessica Carter says:

Tami I wanted to let you know that I recently Tried the dark chocolate/mint, and the cream cheese/red velvet magnum tubs.. so be on the look out, they will be in your area. There is also a Mocha one, but not where I live, plenty around the OH area though 🙂

susan hogan says:

I love Magnun thay are my favourite iceceam and the chocolate ones are Devine thay have a new one out its got iceceam covered in caramel and thick milk chocolate l need to try them great review thanks for sharing xx

HauntedDeanDolls UK says:

mmm i love magnum ice cream i like the almond ones and the white chocolate ones full sized not mini

Carlos Bustamante says:

Fun fact: Unilever actually owns a lot of ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum, Popsicle, Talenti, Breyer’s and Klondike are all under Unilever. For Magnum, I would try the Vanilla one but I’m looking forward to the Double Red Velvet Pint.

R Liam says:

Hi Tami, I was wondering if you're comfortable to talk in your next vlog about dieting (in general). How since have you and Kevin managed your diet/calories? I'm thinking you review so many things it would be very very very bad for me to do that lol!

Tanya Barnett says:

Love Magnum ice cream. Tfs

May says:

I love the sound of biting into cold chocolate lol.

Wendy Zanders says:


405er Soul-Survivor says:

Looks Yummy 😋Love Me Some Rich Dark Chocolate. 👍

Archangel 1989 says:

It’s almost damn near unbelievable at how good these really are, they’ve been my favorite ice cream brand since they came out. My favorite is the white chocolate.

Bklondon75 Deliciousness with me says:

Love a good magnum. My favourite is the vanilla with chocolate almond coating. Would definitely try these they both sound great. Thanks for the review.

Ashly Menard says:

These look delicious!

Carina says:

and now I am SO jealous… these I would most certainly buy… lucky you! They sound soooo good! I always buy Magnum minis (for obvious reasons) because they are just that good lol

North Star says:

Hi Tami and Kevin! The double chocolate looks delicious. I think that would be my favorite of the 2 types also. Don't really like a bitter dark chocolate. Plus the extra layers on the one with vanilla inside sounds great. I'm going to pick up a box this weekend, if they're in stock. THANKS for the great videos as always.
Love you guys! 🤗💗.

Kathy Cunningham says:

Wow I could almost taste the chocolate vanilla on my tongue. Definitely buying that box of goodness.
This was not only terrific but a delicious review.
Thanks a million.
Have a sweet day!

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