CUSTOMISE Your Own Magnum Ice cream || Seoul Flagship Store

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I was so excited when I found out that Magnum had opened a Flagship store in Seoul, South Korea where I live. Magnums have forever been one of my favourite icecreams and you can make it to your exact tastes! From picking the ice cream flavour, chocolate coating, to your favourite toppings, you can choose it all! I really want to go back now…

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Lastri Simon says:

I already customize my magnums just like 44 Magnum 357 Magnum 500 magnum 460 Magnum mp412 Rex Desert Eagle and AWM

Emma Soliven Molina says:

Thanks for sharing, this video, more powerful your business. GOD bless you.

Sanket FF says:

I really like your voice

Caiorod001 says:

Where is this????? Like the street and what’s the name???

kil koh says:

I saw magnum.,.. did not think of ice cream….

nguyen11367 says:

just got recommended to ur channel!! new subscriber! u guys lowkey sound like Australians 😂

Doga Can says:

Real ice-cream doesn't melt quickly. The one you ate was probably full of artificial things.

virgy 7skz says:

il magnum store lo abbiamo anche in Italia, io a Roma ci vado sempre…. karen non è così speciale.
credo anche altre città nel mondo abbiano lo store.

smurphlyn516 says:

Now I have to find one of these in the US!

Siblings XD says:

Vanilla ice cream inside
Dipped milk chocolate
Topping any of the most wanted

rose boudelair says:

I had it in pakistan as well, and got dark chocolate coated with salted caramel ,sprinkles and nuts
And it cost 2$ amazing really.But it was so filling,that one bat kept me full for a couple of hours

Gadgetbig says:

Australian girl speaking Chinese ,,, don’t see that everyday

totoropanda1976 says:

Im in love 💖💖💖

Dean Korean TV says:

so nice video !!

박성철 says:

Good….아이디어… 👍

Thomas Kok says:

1.5 week left then I am coming to S.Korea.🎊🎉🎊

Jean Narvaez says:

Is hitori kakurobi still fallowing u????

Max Hong says:

I could just feel the diabeetus kickin' in. Looks yummy. I'm guessing other major cities have this???

jini says:

아주 똘망똘망하니 이쁘고 씩씩하네여

Official Crystal Sings says:

I love magnums! The only ice cream that doesn’t seem to bother my lactose intolerance 😅
I’d make mine with vanilla, dark chocolate, and caramel 🤤

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