Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

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Artist: Kool & The Gang
Title: Summer Madness
From Album: Light Of The World
Year: 1974
Genre: Jazz


Beez Cerbopls says:

And for those of us who HAVE, a moment of ads 🤔

Miss H says:

Tiktok brought me here

Black Space says:

0:40 Idk why but this gives me 90's ice cube type beat vibes or sum like that

Aníbal Vega says:

tik tok's good things

Rowlands Reviews says:

My lad hasn't heard this before. It came on the radio as we got in the car. He said Dad don't turn on the engine we need to listen. Damn right I'm not turning on engine 🤩

Numb and not vibing rn says:

I feel like the 70's was the peak of music. Genres were popping here and there. Rock, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Early stages of Hip Hop, early stages of Metal, artists like Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Chick Corea, I think Herbie Hancock, I ain't gonna name all and everything, but damn was music morphing and evolving then. Sub genres were branching from them and the sounds were ever evolving. Fusion of styles was innovative. Rock was growing from the mellow sounds of the Beatles, and hard sounds of the Stones to even harder sounds by Hendrix, and Black Sabbath, the Bee Gees with they disco hits. And not to forget the timeless classic: September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Don't get me wrong, 80's was great, but music did start having a more similar sound then. Also don't get me wrong, music has always been so diverse in it's genres and sounds but the 70's always just feels like nothing before it. And maybe nothing after it. All we can really do is imitate it. A second coming of that stage in music seems very unlikely to me, and I don't mean in going back to the sounds of the 70's–those sounds definitely stayed in their rightful time, I mean the speed that music evolved, the sounds that were bred from experimentation, limitations and creativity, that won't be coming back any time soon in our life span.

Pro2A707 Anti ATF says:

Enjoying the final summer days of 2021 Rest In peace to everybody who didn’t get to see it .

Oscar Zavala says:

Aging like fine wine.

Babay Boss says:

,,oh Lord" or Rocky

North Cali says:

So that’s where Tyrese got that beat from.

uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas says:


Gaetano Mazzuca says:

Searched my whole life for this song and i event knowed it

Plague PG3D says:

0:39 is why you searched for this

WackyD WackyD says:

This really calmly anxiety 😏

The Shab47 says:

Vice city anyone?

Brenda Burton says:

This has been part of my generation

Yuhanis Nazira says:

I wish each of you to find your soulmate and real happiness ❤️
Greetings from Malaysia.

Tjahoo says:

this is one of those songs that takrs you back to a time you never experienced. I'm a 01'er and still yearn for a time I've never lived in. Music is a powerful foe

Raphaël Douek says:

Put this song, smoke a blunt, lay down, welcome to paradise !

Karl Williams says:

The lift I get from this song is almost unreal.

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