Plant-Based Breakfast: Hot Muesli!

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Colleen Parker says:

Why do some put a hands down? I loved this, ignore the haters 🙂

Apelsina says:

Вы прекрасны! Смотрю Вас в России и готовлю Вместе с Вами!! Благодарю Вас, Thank you very much! 🙏

Priscilla Truth says:

I always appreciate your clips, really enjoy everytime.

I hesitated to comment this but.. top angles sometimes, that makes me unfocus (dizzy). Im sooo sorry if this is just me only, then just discard my comment and you can erase.
Just sharing my thought.

Bless you and your whole family!
Cant wait next clip already 🙂

Suzanne says:

I like muesli both ways. I tend to eat more when it's cold though, so I tend to eat it cooked more. Thank you for sharing this recipe and the story behind it!

Mary Lorah says:

C'mon Jane, get your mom a little bowl 🥣🤣🤣 Love you both and your videos. Also love that it's real and not rehearsed! Keeps it fun and educational ❤️❤️ keep up the wonderful work!!!

Barbara Parisi says:

I like oats hot and cold. I grew up in Switzerland so “Birchermüsli“ was a staple at our house. These days my favorite way to have Müsli is by soaking the oats in water over night. In the Morning I rinse the oats then add some almond milk. I soak chia and or flax meal in almond milk while I heat frozen berries in the pot. This adds great flavor all over and gives it a nice color. If I have time a grate some apple into the mixture. Then add banana, nuts and whatever is fresh at the moment.

Kris Bragg kb1901kb says:

Hot never tried cold

Angie Allen says:

How funny! Kids have been eating hot muesli for generations where I come from. We call it oatmeal with add-ins! LOL

Kristi Canul says:

Anne: "It (date) looks a little like a turd." I just choked on my oats! You ladies are hilarious. Thank you for the recipes and laughs!

Marie-Michèle Vaillancourt says:

My hot ''muesli'' is a mix of old fashion oats, flax seeds, buckwheat and some cooked spelt berries with all the yummy dried and fresh fruits!!

Lynn Nepom says:

Love all the fruit in this! Have you thought about trying to find berries not in those clam shells, so bad for environment.

Chris Batch says:

Oddly I have only had this hot, now I must try it cold!

Yolande S says:

Tx long overdue for new video missed your yarning ( “ talking in oz”)

G.f. Van Zelst - Van Delden says:

Both I like

Chance Isham says:

We've been eating alot of overnight soaked museli. Specifically Bob's Red Mill Museli. My wife's recipe is delicious!

Jennifer Stewart says:

We raised our 7 children on oatmeal,muesli,overnight oats, and baked oatmeal . We used to buy 50 pound bags of organic oats ! Many of them are married now and still make them ❤️

Bare Clan 2.0 says:

I make something like this. I just like to cook a big batch of oatmeal with a cinnamon stick with a bunch of dried fruit then people add more fruit on top.

Grow & Clip Bonsai for Seniors says:

You can soak dates in hot water to soften them up for your recipes. Great video as always.

jmdes8 says:

Here is how I love muesli: put it into a quart jar, add plant based milk, and let it sit overnight on the counter, or in the refrigerator. In the morning, it is all soft and yummy. Sometimes, I grate raw apples into it. I was told this is how the Swiss eat it. ??? Try it. 🙂

Claudia-Michaela Hoeft says:

Living in Germany, I grew up with a hot oats muesli. I'm 60 years old now and still love it so much. Greetings from Germany

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