There Is No Such Thing As An Overweight Vegetarian. Brian Apprille – Full Special

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There is no such thing as an overweight vegetarian, or at least that has been Brian Apprille’s experience in his first ever Dry Bar Comedy special. Whether it’s talking about his weight loss journey, or how he can’t feel half his face, this full Dry Bar Comedy special from Brian Apprille is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

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Kathryn Genn-Winkler says:

A vegetarian is able to consume tons of salt, fat, and sugar/sweeteners. A vegetarian doesn't exist on raw salads. There are many fat vegetarians.

His Image says:

The beginning was kinda slow. But I couldn't keep up at the end.

Dee Gee says:

Awesome finish! Love those impressions too!

Alexis Valle says:

Lol no matter how much a woman loves you she'll never change her name to April April. Lol!

Dustin Hull says:

Sure it wasn't his material… But completing that song on stage, live 😱, deserves MAD props! This guy's an Animaniac!

dgwooten7 says:

Tough crowd man that set had me dying

ILEME Chukwunonso says:

This audience is terrible. These jokes deserved way more than it got.

Brilliant jokes, great impressions

Jucab Nubster says:

Dude ended with Yakko's Nations of the World. Epic

Cristy A Cabrera says:

Hahaha ! Yakko taught me the names of the states!

A1_0_2 says:

Awesome finish!

Sheryldeen Webley says:

Alan Rickman the voice of Alexa! Brilliant!

Jeffrey Supit says:

the song needs to be updated, sumatra is not a country and sadly no more syria.

Rock River Rat says:

Why does he get an applause fur not being a worthless piece of society?

Panini529 says:

Great set, loving the vegetarian jokes.

LCM massa says:

Are you kidding Me? Amazing ending!!

Money Mike says:

Hey man cake is not a meat

LCM massa says:

I like this guy. Hes fresh and universal. Crowd was Ok to Better!!

boaty msboatface says:

Love this guy!

Valeria Pebble says:

I became vegetarian at 14 and actually my weight stabilized… After I put down the bread and donuts 😂 but it is nice because I don't get the meat sweats anymore

Kaidkb says:

I haven't seen healthy vegans either. I'm sure there are a few somewhere, but most I see are just sickly looking – probably because they lack B12, certain amino acids, and other key stuff for bodily functionality.

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