Vegetarian cooking for all

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Chris Wragge gets a lesson in vegetarianism and samples some delicious meat-free meals from “Early Show” contributor Katie Lee.



The animals that carnists eat, eat plants. The herbivorous animal is stocked up with all the iron, calcium, minerals it needs and it gets all of those nutrients from its food.
Why consume >second hand< nutrients when you can eat all your favourite foods from pure plant foods and none of the carcinogenics/cholesterol from cooking the flesh of that sentient animal?

Sira Anaira says:

Wow… She seemed like a bitch to the host…so he didn't make you a sloppy joe… Daya,mn

Alli H says:

First thing i noticed wrong with calling one of the dishes vegetarian was having Worcestershire sauce as an ingredient. Most vegetarians would look up what's in things before using them. If you google Worcestershire you will find out something rather disgusting- anchovies are fermented for 2 years I believe and they dissolve completely. GROSS. No thanks.

SeriouslyBadElf says:

I'm vegetarian and just want to say this lady looks like a worse cook than Rachel ray.

Bee says:

There's anchovies in Worcestershire. Just sayin

DBSpy1 says:

When they have buckets of Vegetarian like KFC has Chicken, Ill change.

haileybones says:

Are you sure you're not thinking vegan?

Lacto-ovo vegetarians (one of the most common forms because it is the most casual on dietary restrictions) do eat animal products like dairy or eggs, but won't eat the actual flesh of an animal, so cheese is okay.

haileybones says:

Yeah, I'm lacto-ovo and I don't do Worcestershire sauce. Like you said, it's flesh!

Jenny Wu says:

Chris is not convinced.I love his face reaction.

aks8772 says:

omg she loooks like kendall jenner!

New York Traveler says:

@hp11208 Google them,tryveg.,vegeworld

New York Traveler says:

@Godskid66 Okay there are soy chicken products and different type made with soya beans try it you might like it.

New York Traveler says:

@Godskid66 im a vegetarian for more than 10 years now,no egg,meat or fish,try some soy product its really healthy food with alot of protein.

New York Traveler says:

@mommafletch yuck being vege will prevent you from getting all kinds of sick,such as cancer.

Maha Mana says:

Congrats on doing something veggie. So glad to see more support and education and exposure. Great job. You can get worcestershire sauce that is without fish or anchovies.

Search4Goods10 says:

how is this quick? o.0

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