DIY | Easy Loaded Vegetarian Nachos

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I’ve made these so many times now and they are honestly AMAZING! I love the nachos they have at Cheesecake Factory but since I don’t get a chance to go out much I wanted to make them myself. My sister and I came up with this and guys trust me it’s worth it!! And you get to customize it anyway you like. If you have any questions comment below and I’ll try my best to answer! Happy cooking =)


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Kyliea Harris says:

I am so hungry now!

IROONI says:

I love it❤❤…but just do a bit of cleaning in your kitchen….seems you haven't done it for a year……

Josiah Brush says:

I liked how you combined the black and kidney beans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before in nachos but they look *delicious*. I’m vegan so I’m using my homemade cheese sauce. Wish me luck. Thanks so much for the video!

Eduard McCarthy says:

I had this at a restaurant in New York and I’ve been in love every since

Meenakshi Burman says:

Your recipe looks good and your teeths looks best.

Village Idiot says:

Why did u wash the beans if they came from a can ? I just make chill going to use it for nachos tonight but I never washed the beans

Aqsa Chaudhry says:

Why don’t you eat meat?

Yousauf Laiba Any Show says:

Do you bake or broil

Stephy MC says:

So glad I found this other recipes use lentils and I really don't like lentils

Mistah Unknown says:

I'm vegetarian too. I substituted beans with "veggie grillers crumbles" by MorningStarFarms from the freezer section of Walmart. I tossed it into a skillet with a pack of low sodium taco seasoning and stirred it up and let it cook for about 3 minutes. You could also use the "Beyond Beef Crumbles" by BeyondMeat. My family aren't vegetarian so when they saw me eating, they were like "Did you just quit being vegetarian?" I waited until we all finished eating to say that it was vegetarian and they so confused.

Sonali Chaudhari says:


neha shah says:

Turn out really delicious
Thank you

Manatee J says:

Do you eat it with hands? I do😂

lakir2009 says:

Very nice recipe.. I tried and I loved it..thank you for sharing

Archana Ramesh says:

Nice! What’s the cheese ur using

Akhil Sharma says:

ban gayi rajma ki sabji… chips nahin hein to roti se khaa lo.

Angela W says:

Looks amazing!!!!!

Aisha 2Luv says:

I'm making this tonight!!! And the spelling of our name is the same😊

Kratos lost Son says:

Better use vegetarian sour cream next time loves

Cindy Tan says:

I can’t wait to make this! The comments are looking really good!

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