1940 Great! CLASSIC DRAMA Family DR. CHRISTIAN "Remedy For Riches" Old Black White Movie TCM

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ENJOY this Dr. Christian Movie Series! You can watch theses Classic Movies with your family, back to back, and feel great. No viewers remorse with Dr. Christian movies!

This is a wonderful drama with Jean Hersholt, the town Doctor, helping people in his community called “River’s End”.
Jean Hersholt himself is an actor who specialized in gentle, intelligent roles that called for warmth and feeling in his Dr Christian role.

In this 2nd film, while driving through River’s End, city slicker Tom Stewart meets his old college football teammate, Roy Davis, who convinces his old college friend, Tom, to build his new resort in River’s End…this is a really great family drama– definitely a “cautionary tale” with a good story resolution.

Jean Hersholt as Dr. Paul Christian
Dorothy Lovett as Judy Price
Edgar Kennedy as George Browning
Maude Eburne as Mrs. Hastings
Walter Catlett as Clem
Robert Baldwin as Roy Davis
Warren Hull as Tom Stewart
Jed Prouty as D.B. Emerson Vanderveer


Kat LaBash says:

Thank you for this wonderful movie.

Brian Russel says:

(guest) .Poor chickens being thrown around for effect: Cruel..
One thrown at stack of cans., near start of film.
ASPCA would take action if that were now.

Ruby Wingo says:

Did stuff like this really happen??

United we Stand says:

Absolutely wonderful.

Kathy Florcruz says:

I do enjoy the Dr. Christian storys!

Heather Bowlan says:

Thank you for your wonderful films keep them coming God bless you❤️🙏🏽🇨🇦

Wilson Flood says:

a nice feelgood film

Create With Kyra, Law of Attraction says:

Thank you!!!!!!

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