One Pot Full English Breakfast

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root says:

Thanks for sharing such a classic and traditional preparation. Really appreciate your efforts to present a good video like this. Please share more videos on English foods

Liên Khương says:

Cancer says hi!

Boyd Crowder says:

I have watched this video 10 times and love it. But I don't understand why the sausage and bacon are put in so late. How are they not undercooked? I would have put them in first, and let the grease help to cook the other stuff, while also allowing you to use a little less butter.

vindesent says:

w e l l b r e w e d

Leonardoes164 says:


Hugh Franklin says:

I don't know anyone that has fried onions with a fried breakfast.


Guys, congratulate me! For the first time ever I have all the ingredients!

I got into a big fight with my dad so I’ll make this for him to apologize and stuff. Wish me luck! :3

paul hardy says:

skin the sausages and pat them down an turn over the eggs 2 mins and crimp the bacon to stop it curling for f*** sake i am a truck driver not a chief

EaglesInTheCity says:

This is what having no culture looks like

Arkadiusz Wojno says:

im gonna piuk X(

Mourad Ben says:

One pot full heart attack

Frank Moran says:

I too like to do my food prep with the smallest knife in the world.

The Blackpool Bible says:

Hello – thoroughly british chap here – Please note that – if you tried to pass that off as bacon here – you'd likely get a stern look thrown your way.
We use Back bacon or danish bacon. In The US i believe it's called canadian bacon but we don't put maple syrup on it…. No syrup – Bad US…..
Onions….. Maybe we would leave those out too.. One essential is missing though – fried bread….
Good effort.

kevo300 says:

Whoever invented black pudding should be incarcerated

Jason Rose says:

i was all on board until you started frying baked beans, yikes

Sage Angel says:


StarWarsftw12 says:

Never in your god damned life will you throw parsley into a full english. And who in gods green earth told you to cook the meat after the veg. The fat helps flavour the veg, and gives the meat more time to cook.

Sean says:

that is a HUGE breakfast. looks so tasty!

KSound Kaiju says:

Eggs n beans sounds like a good way to shite yourself before lunch

Martin Scott says:

I'm sorry but i love your idea of a one pan full English but, but onions! not in a full English, it could always be ruined a bit further by adding Garlic, yuck!!!.

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