Cooking at Ravens: Creamy Roasted Vegetable Soup

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Jeff Stanford and Chef Sadhana Berkow show you a simple & delicious creamy vegetable soup.

Ravens Restaurant:
The Stanford Inn by the Sea:
Stanford Inn’s Wellness Center:


Stang Mann says:

Spot on , great video !! I also will use organic coconut milk sometimes & add turmeric & a little ginger too ! I'm going to check out your video on the Mushroom Bacon !! mmmmmm

Erameet Sidhu says:

I tried this and the soup 🍜 tasted so good 👌🏻

SnakeDoctor47 says:

I just had Gastric Sleeve Surgery…moving to Mushies next week. Can't wait to try this! Will probably have to leave the Shitake Bacon off though…at least until I move up in textures.

Liz Bench-Castelli says:

Are you all high in this video?

World of Vegan says:

Love these cooking videos!!

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