Vegan Soup – Cottage Food

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Rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids –


Philip Argo says:

Step one: find (and secure) the vegan. Fatten them up.

Yoda says:

i peed on that swamp

KA1 7150 Nur Syuhaida says:

this must be a joke. nice one aden 😂

Jacopo Longo says:

3:51 an ant lol

Aloof Musician says:

3:53 bug alert

CR says:

개구리풀을 먹는다고ㅡ

Wander Away says:

Can you please share the ingredient names?

novoross17 says:

ну про картошку ты совсем … почти поверил)

Nickolasphoto says:

WOAH! A wild shallot flower in full bloom! I hear that those are hard to forage for…

sentino68 says:

Unintentional ASMR…

unknown commenter says:

Honestly if i didnt see how it was made id probably give it a try

VanessaHBIC says:

That potato dig 😆 but tbh that looked so refreshingly delicious

Bubbiboo says:

Is he on drugs?

Mudlark says:

Dont potatoes have roots when you pull them out? And who wants to eat swamp sludge.

Enzo itGoes says:

Awesome simplicity — love the shiny broth from the oil sauté and ground red chili at the end. Good for body, mind and soul.

A. Kimber says:

Oh dang, those were nice sneakers. Anyho I am liking these cottage series for the visuals and the amazing acoustics! Awesome!

Johnnie Gilchrist says:

I thought he was tripping, when he was wading in the puddle, collecting pond weed, then he started cooking with it and I thought yea…. he's tripping…

Kivex says:

where is the Kappa

zaid taufiq says:

Using gloves to dig uo potatoes, but wearing shoe and pant on at swamp lake

P J says:

ppl are saying this is sarcasm and im so mad. I usually get this kind of humor and this time i thought this was legit.
if not….the fuck is that green shit and also those potatos werent even linked to any root lmao

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