Vegetarian SHOCKS Guests By Eating Raw Meat | Come Dine With Me

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What happens when a life-long vegetarian eats a plate full of RAW meat? In a #ComeDineWithMe first, Saleha decides to go from one extreme to the other and eats a full plate of Steak Tartare but an argument breaks out when a guest doesn’t return the favour…


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Zom K says:

Jesus Christ be a man mate 🤦‍♂️

mootsmanuva says:

She was correct at the end; don't disrespect her food like that.

mimosveta says:

ah, the mention of raw meat makes my skin crawl, but it's probably due to me being from serbia, and we basically mainly eat pork, if I remember correctly, we're number 1 pork eater in the world, more than even chines. and you don't eat raw or semi raw pork not even to act posh

Matt 19 says:

Why would eat raw mince? That's just nasty. Steal tartare is for stuck up arseholes, because if you cook it that's a burger pattie, which is for common folk.

Paddy Nevs says:


Gaming Tonight says:

Raw meat hardly has taste, so a lot to do about nothing…!

Kurt Gore says:

Gordon Ramsay: "Its f*cking RAWWW" 😂😂

skannerz22 says:

You’re suppose to eat cooked meat not raw meat you idiots

Kywan Webster says:

Haha 🤣😆🤣 I'm a vegetarian, but also a meat eater. 😂!!!

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