£1500 Range Rover – Broken ALREADY?

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Aaron’s £1500 Range Rover P38A is already giving trouble, but can he fix it…?
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Endeavour says:

I had flat batteries from being near home weather stations, and high power cables under the ground, turned out either disconnect remote central locking antenna or change the receiver to an updated model

nigel humphreys fsuk says:

I like your videos and nice car but a why buy V8 petrol? I wouldn’t have one for free having worked for landrover for 12 years I’d only have a p38 if it was diesel V8’s are awful unreliable and uneconomical as your finding out 😁
But good luck with your project

rogersofrhodri says:

nice looking Rangie lovely colour but it could take a bit of overtime to cover all upkeep costs .. best of luck with it

Ciarán Shannon says:

Does your Range Rover have heated seats in the back seats or was that even an option for the Range Rover P38

J Sl says:

Battery goes flat on these P38s if you're parked near a WiFi router that just happens to have the wrong frequency! If you don't mind having to be quite near to the car to lock/unlock it, just disconnect the receiver box which is located in the side of the boot.

Henry B says:

Mine does around 22mpg average with my 4.6

Adam Bullock says:

Keep these coming buddy great video

Irfan Ario says:

I would love to have this type of Range Rover 🤩

Project Mildred says:

great little video mate

Project Mildred says:

should have gone with a moggy like us mate

Kody Dagley says:

I would love to say I am surprised….but I am not surprised 😛

Wulls Wheels says:

I know someone who bought one of these at the age of 21. A very nice car but being the V8, the fuel economy was pants and insurance was a killer for a person of that age. It also turned out to be a massively unreliable example.

robertngreen6 says:

Such a lovely car – but would be hard to live with that fuel "economy"!

Gregory Lawson says:

Please keep the videos coming 👍

fatboy 4pie says:

Hi bud, having repaired the (death wobble) on my P38 I can say it's not a bad job to do at home, on mine I replaced the steering damper for a good quality one and the drag link + steering arm as well as any bushes replace with polyurethane ( power flex) it's a fairly easy job, if you are having problems with a flat battery try the remote fob sensor on the O/S rear under the trim panel in the boot, there will be a small sticker on it check the colour, I think it needs to be green so it won't be affected by wi-fi. Hope this helps.

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