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Pre-lockdown, we sold on some of our classic project cars and with a unique way of deciding budgets, set out to buy some cheap new classic projects. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
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Lizzy Ferret says:

Did someone actually take the time to put a sticker over the GB and stars on the P38’s plates? Smh.

Martin Lewis says:

The one trying to be funny who is dressed like a twat and trying to channel Clarkson – just stop.

Rubycupid Mb says:

Good to see these cars still on the road.

Touge Season says:

"how is it (range rover) on fuel?"
"yes, it uses fuel"

summer farm estates says:

SUBSCRIBED as joe recomended the channel

George Bamber says:

The cheapest car is the one I most want

Mark Harris says:

The yellow sealed the deal.

Ian Roberts says:

Just here for the Puma.

Dominic Zuk says:

this is absolutely incredible

Kody Dagley says:

OK, looking forward to the 205 and the Puma! The Range Rover isn't so much my thing, but the other two….excited! 😀

G AA says:

That R8 seems to be really mint, no doubt it is a real treasure.

Fast Car Entertainment says:

205 Dimma kit, Joe? 😉

barry jackson says:

On a winner with the 205

Rich Road007 says:

Ok now is this at the time when Joe picked up the ARTHER REMOO GVT😂 couldn't resist and one of you guys said rallye for 205 which is what I guessed on collection of new addition of his but had a obscure view to from #Jammie dream jobs LoL 😂 the puma looks good to but the fuel tanker money pit machine might be selfish for it self just on the take and no give bless the owners 🤯🥊🤕🧷🗿👍👍👍🤣🤣 just don't go into bankruptcy you lot good stuff

MatthewCoupeOfficial says:

As much as I like 205’s I have to take a 405 as you get a much better package for less, an Mi16 for half the price of some GTI’s yes please!

Dean Prosser says:

Uncanny, I was just looking at a 205 van with a 1.8l diesel with similar mileage, very tempting.
I had a Puma with 140k on the clock and it was one of the best cars I've owned.

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