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It’s the tagine pressure challenge and one of the home cooks must leave the series but there’s a surprise in store for Aaron when Chef Michael offers him a job in his new restaurant!

MasterChef Canada

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Arbin Punk says:

So you crying was just to get a little sympathy from them.

Stackstwotimes Videos says:

If it was joe as a judge he would’ve sent Thea home for making a decision like she is a judge😂

Geovanni Carranza says:

I bet thea gonna cry cuz Aaron got the job too

ruslan vlinnyk says:

Feel bad 👎

Ulysses Villasan says:

Thea can cook and she is hot. I agree that she does cry a lot but her palate is indeniably good. Aaron still got the job.

Kelly Lao says:

Does anyone know if he took the job? He would be stupid not to but still curious

Maria Yazbeck says:

I like very much how fair is the committee. They're just tremendous and always amaze me 😍

Jeremy L. Abanco says:

2:34 Trevor is so done of Thea's tears

Mondo Butter says:

No but like Tajine is one of my culture's dishes and if I were in this challenge I'd loose 💀

AWC says:

If Thea can cry her way to the finale, surely I can cry my way through my air force application? 😛

IIIAnchani says:

Miranda sure knows a lot about food.

Slimechxpo says:

Aaron looked like he wanted to hang himself

Manu Undeated says:

I really hope that the final fued would have been between Berry and Travor …Thea doesn’t deserve that spot

Matthew Kowalik says:

i know i hate at these cooking shows wens it’s elimination round and the woman cries and then she’s safe that is sooo sexis and not right at all were the guys up for it to and he’s the one that gets eliminated cause he doesn’t cry

Matthew Vermeulen says:

Chef Michael has such a great way of critiquing food

Aiden Nie says:

I think it would have been funnier if after Thea decided not to give up her spot, the judges were like, "That's great Thea, unfortunately, you don't have a choice cause you're goin' home buddy!"

kim namjoon carrot says:

I swear Aaron knows his flavours than her. I hate her, man.

shadow wolf2022 says:

Getting that job is way better than winning thats for sure

Un_Common says:

Masterchef USA:
Gordon: I’ve decided to give you a job at my restaurant.

Aaron: Oh my god Chef, what an honour.

Gordon: As a janitor.

Omaima Akrach says:

This is confusing. I'm Moroccan and I've never eaten couscous and tajin together and couscous should be dry normally they can cook it however they want but it's definitely not authentic

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