Classic vegeterian recipe /how to make simple vegetarian recipe

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Furtado family says:

Thank you for sharing with us another delicious and healthy recipe from your kitchen which is quick and easy and this is perfect for vegetarian people too.

Liz R-Borce says:

Sa sobrang sarap akin lang po ‘to 😉


Yummy delicious more videos

Winaflor McGinnis says:

the best super healthy talaga

Princess Javier Castro says:

This looks delish. Looking forward to your next one MsP DWIZ

Maja Lewu says:

I like this one. Thanks.

Alex jane says:

Hi poh bagong kaibigan poh unahan n kita frend padikit din salamat styconected poh tau

KONGNO2000 says:

thank you very much for uploading this video

{{{{{{{{ thumbs up……17th,,,,,,,, }}}}}}}}}

looking forward to watch your next video….

Papa Piggy TV says:

So good…thanks for sharing this delicious simple vegetarian recipe watching from UK.

Avelyn Stenson says:

sarap naman

Originally Epie says:

I want to try this vegetarian food siz, coz im trying to lessen my meat intake hehe

All Things Lolli says:

Wow, this looks really delicious. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe.

Chinita MheL says:

Yummy and super healthy veggies.

genebry santos says:

Looks yummy wow love it.u a good chief.tnx for sharing hope u visit my garden to.tnx and godbless

Jonats Kitchen says:

Yummy 👍👍

Havi Bella says:

So yummy 😉

Toni Perri Vlog says:

Wow sarap nito vegetable lover here love the recipe.

NowHereBlow says:

Delicious and healthy recipe 😍😋 Happy Friday 👍


Wow veggies yummy sis khit ito lng busog na ako

Delma Hole says:

This looks delicious.. 😋 Great sharing my friend. I enjoyed watching. Stay in touch!

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