Going Vegetarian Is A Healthy Choice

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Cristina Mutchler shows the benefits of a plant-based diet and discusses what new vegetarians need to know.


Maria tubera says:

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Jack says:

Medical research seems to point to the fact that vegetarian diets reduce heart disease but increases the risk of stroke. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/04/health/vegetarian-vegan-diet-stroke-heart-disease-risk-intl/index.html.

Jh5578 says:

I went from a heavy meat eater to a Vegan overnight for the environment and animals, I didn't know it was healthy until I started shedding exess weight, my skin got better and my athsma improved. Never going back.

Gianna Filicia says:

I chose not to eat meat one day. I don't call myself a vegetarian but I am.

Cute Kiwi says:

I’ve been vegetarian since 2017 in August

Foodlover831 says:

Not eating meat can definitely be done overnight 👍🏼

Donobyte says:

Humans in the wild:
Spends time eating vegetables due to easy abundance and doesn't run from humans like animals. Spends a good amount of time looking for animals to eat, maybe gets one every couple of weeks if lucky, all whilst eating vegetables and insects.

In short, eat on the basis of a wild human. Eat the vegetables and insects daily. Yes it's taboo, but it's true, we should be eating the damn things, just like all other animals. However, eating insects isn't practical in western culture, due to it being taboo and therefore rare to find clean vendors of insects at a low price. It's rare and expensive. Then, treat eating an animal with more intimacy and enjoyment. Don't just pick up a package from the grocery, go out of your way to find some place where you know more about the sourcing. Do this once or twice a month.

When you primarily base your diet around vegetables, and then treat yourself occasionally to what meats are locally available to you, your taste buds zing because they're cleaned up from all of the processed bull shit we eat. Also, you'll gain a quick straightening up of your digestive system. You will shit regularly on a veggie diet, like you're supposed to. Food isn't supposed to hang around in your gut, it's supposed to move.

weiistone says:

2:27 $1.69 for tomatoes. I miss those days. whole foods had a pound for 6 dollars the other day.

VoidraMusic says:

tofu plus spinnach equals instant kidney stones


do you have subtitle this video?

LostFart says:

I went vegetarian overnight, that lasted for 2 months. However, I have been vegan for a year now! Clean, whole foods vegan. No processed garbage.


Vegetarian don't eat eggs, atleast in India. Eggs are non-vegetarian.

Nia L.H. says:

Well if vegetarians eat cake, potato chips and drink soda often then it's not healthy. Not all vegetarian foods are healthy!

Axell Yokoyama says:

I went vegetarian over night lol and I've been one for over 1yr and 6 months

itsjustskye says:

I'm very picky with my meat. I hardly eat it. I have been thinking of going vegatarian, also, I've been volunteering at rspca. So now hen I do eat meat I feel terrible, I know they're already dead and I understand. But for some reason it's a guilt in the back of my head.
But I have an iron deficiency, should I go veggie??

BIG SHAQ says:

I'll probably still incorporate eggs, fish and chicken into my diet. Red meat is not very healthy. 

AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

I'm neither vegan nor vegetarian, I never once said I read every article, though you keep repeating and you still haven't googled any of this. You hadn't even read one thing on this before you started talking about complete proteins. And what is this bs about propaganda. All I did was say type complete proteins into google before you started making claims. Get the info where you want, I don't care but at least actually get it. There is no way you've read a single word, literally.

AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

You still haven't googled it?

Phillips Mom says:

Sorry, I need a New York strip and glass of red wine once in awhile. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

Like I said, you can't lie to me. You've never typed this into google, not once. You can act like you have read about this with everyone else but not with me. When you have taken the time to read even one article, or study, then you can respond, until then you're no better than somebody trying to use big words to make yourself seem smarter. Read an article. Just one. It won't hurt your head that much.

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