Stellar Vegan Salads by Sharon Discorfano

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A new book by Sharon Discorfano, author of Letters to Pushkin and voice of the popular Cruelty-Free Faves site. Recipes for some extraordinary salads and veganized versions of some classics. In addition, this book offers the stories behind the salad bowl inspirations, explanations about ingredients for those new to a plant-based diet, and plenty of tips to help the reader tap into his/her own inner salad artist.


ExteelPaprika says:

daaayum this is yum,

Marlene Cupo says:

Best of Luck Sharon. They look delicious, and hope you have much sucess with it.

Sara Dent says:

Awesome! And sooo pretty <3 Congratulations….can't wait to try some of these!

Michele Culmone says:

This is fantastic Sharon! Cant wait to discuss it futther when we see each other!

Lisa Nicole says:

I will be giving this to book *everyone* this holiday season (and keeping one for me, too)! Where can we buy this book?

OldVegan says:

Your salads are works of art.

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